to inifinity, and beyond!

so today could be considered by many to be day 23 of the 21 day fix, but it's not called the "to infinity and beyond" fix, it's called the 21 day fix. so i'm outside of their time frame and doing my own thing now, but still sticking with the fix eating plans and workouts. is that allowed?

i've created a lot of good habits for myself in the past 21 days, but my old habits are still in there. i've pushed them down deep inside where i'll (hopefully) never, ever, ever, EVER find them. oh, but i know they are still in there because on sunday afternoon, i sat down on the couch with a bag of chips. read: BAD IDEA. i had gotten back into the habit of grabbing a serving and putting the bag away (just like the 90s). but on sunday, i was hungry. and i was tired. and i was kind of sad. but by the time i realized what i really needed (an egg, a hug and a nap, in that order), i was elbow deep in the chips. to my pseudo-credit, they were organic blue tortilla chips, not just fried, salty cancer chips.

but today was a new day to get back at it. and this is a change in me. in the past when i've fallen off the eat-good-move-more wagon, i've fallen hard and don't get back on. but lately if i have a weak moment or a bad meal, i get right back into the good habits at the next chance to eat or workout. so it's starting to feel like i'm living in my new habits, not calling it quits because i make a bad choice here and there. and that grace is so necessary. because i'm not perfect. i'm gonna make the occasional bad choice because i'm sad, tired, or just too hungry. but i'm not going to give up this time.

on to today!

8:00. i worked from home today. my breakfast was a metric f*ck ton of coffee because i didn't sleep great last night, and a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

this is my least favorite ryan reynolds look.

9:00. i worked. it was brutal. not really.

11:00. i worked OUT! dudes. this was serious. i peeled open the bonus dvd that they sent me for "free" and saw that it was called "plyo". hmmm... i thought to myself. plyo... plyo... maybe, it's like planking and yoga? i can do that today. or maybe it's playing with yo-yo's? no problem. then i realized that it was probably short for plyometrics. now, i am no personal trainer, but i know enough about workout genres that i was pretty sure i was in for a sh*tload of jumping. boy, was i right! it was straight up jumping for 30 minutes. i have never been more grateful for a) knees that work and b) a knee surgeon who made sure my knees work.

good thing i always look this good.

11:45. time to eat, but it was a weird time of day. so instead of calling this my 10am smoothie snack, i called it smoothie lunch. i had a picture of the green smoothie, but deleted it before uploading it to my blog.

"hey girl. i love when you preemptively delete your photos."

12:30. more work things. i love working for a company that embraces working remotely and from home, especially when you're a mom. yes, i'm distracted and not fully present to my children, but i'm in their presence and they are in mine. and it makes me really, really happy. the occasional hug or picture drawn for me while i'm plugging away on a work project makes all of the days that i work in the office seem worthwhile.

2:00. snack time. i had quite a bit of protein here because i needed it. i was hangry. not having protein at breakfast kind of threw off my whole day.

two hard boiled eggs. carrots. apples.
this is not a snack i would've made for myself a month ago.

5:00. dinner prep. i had a few olives. sue me.

6:00. dinner was amazeballs tonight. but let's back up... we had dinner with friends last night and she made this ridiculous kale salad that i could've buried my f*cking face in if i had no dignity. so i attempted to make it tonight. this recipe is blow-your-mind-off delicious. just make it and thank me later. and then i'll thank kendra.

hey kale - it is your time to shine.

and then i made pan-fried brussels sprouts in coconut oil. and i roasted a sweet potato. and the badger brought home some minnesota-grown sweet corn. and i made turkey burgers. so you know, IN YOUR FACE.

i didn't realize how perfect the grill marks were on this burger until just now.
nice work, badger!

7:30. i wrangled the children into bed and did one of the ten-minute ab workouts, because nash slapped my belly tonight and said "mama! your belly is floppy like a tortilla!" thanks nash. she definitely inherited the say-what-you're-thinking-regardless-of-another's-feelings-or-societal-rules gene from me.

8:00. two luscious pieces of dark chocolate. because.

trying a new chocolate bar.
it wasn't awesome, but it wasn't terrible.

so, the ten mile race that i've alluded to occasionally here is off the calendar. it's just too soon to get ready for without risking embarrassment or injury. i am doing a 10k at the end of september that i've already paid for, so i've got 3 weeks to get ready for that. i won't be in racing shape for it, but i'll definitely finish.

tomorrow i'm gonna rock an upper body workout and then run with a friend after the kiddos are down.

until then,
ashley "haters gonna hate" rebekah

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