21 day fix. day 16. the 90's weren't so bad.

day 16 into these new habits, and i can't help but think back to the 90's and how amazing they were. that's right, you heard me - the 90's were amazing. in 1990 i was 12 years old and just as my so called life was ramping up on tv, so was my love affair with manic panic hair dye and wearing argyle and mini skirts. i survived puberty, fell in love and had my heart broken more times than i care to share by too many italian boys. i sang super sad love songs alone in my room to no one but a cat and a hairbrush. i had braces for 4 years, left home for college and survived life in the mighty midwest. included in that first year of college was the dreaded "freshman fifteen", only for me it was the freshman twenty. yup. i put on twenty pounds in-between being dropped off by my weepy parents at getsch hall and leaving that freshman dorm in may of 1997. i'm not even quite sure how i did that. i should be pretty proud of myself.


21 day fix. day 15. ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

back in the swing of things, gang. our camping vacation is over, the minneapolis public schools have started, the neighborhood pools are drained... everything is boring again.

21 day fix. days 9 through... i stopped counting.

so my brief hiatus from blogging is now over, seeing as we have returned from the woods only slightly unscathed.


21 day fix. day 8. peanut butter yogurt.

today was an epic day. it has been a non-stop test of stamina since 9am this morning getting ready for our camping trip. half of the car is packed, all the laundry is done and the badger cleaned the house like it's going on the market. it's 8pm and we just collapsed on the couch. the children were intermittently helpful and superbly needy, so that made for an interesting day. but i fit in a work out and i stuck to my eating plan, save for the beer i'm currently having for "dinner."


21 day fix. day 7. a week in review.

i'm going to spare you from the crappy food pictures today and just talk about the week. so i hope you like words.


21 day fix. day 6. s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT!

today got off to a good start. and i'd say compared to what my saturdays usually consist of (two too many bloody mary's and cheesy eggs, snacking and drinking beer throughout the afternoon), i totally nailed this whole healthy saturday thing.


21 day fix. day 5. watch out, i'm crabby.

i'm going to try and make this quick because i'm exhausted and crabby. i wonder if this is just what happens when you kind of 'detox' off of eating processed food and sugar. by day 5, you are both proud of yourself for doing it, but also just straight-up pissed off.


21 day fix. day 4. and then reality sunk in.

i almost named this blog "f*ck day four". but for my jesus-y readers, i figured i'd save the profanity for the first sentence.

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