after. day 25.

i think i'm ready. i think it's time. i've been in an abusive and one-sided relationship for a long time, and i've put up with the abuse long enough. i am breaking up with my scale. it is nothing but a liar and a mechanical beast which robs me of all options for joy on any given day. "sorry, scale. it's not you. it's me."


after. day 24.

5:15am. alarm goes off for my booty call. no, not the kind of booty call you're thinking of, more the kind of booty call these girls are talking about. a good ole fashioned a.m. sweat fest with kj2. i turned the alarm off and laid there for a few minutes trying to figure out if i was actually going to get up. i did.


after. day 23.

6:30am. my alarm went off. that's right people, the first thing that woke me up was my alarm, not the children. i am going to count this as their first day "sleeping in".


after. day twenty-fucking-two.

i'm just warning you. i'm crabby, super down on myself, and don't want to talk about it. i mean, i've said it here, so i've obviously opened the door a little bit for an explanation. all i'm gonna say is this: the badger basically breathes air and loses 4 pounds in a week. i work my ass off at the gym and change my eating habits, and i gain weight. it's not fair.


after. day 21.

you know that air supply song "even the nights are better"? that song is fucking bullshit as soon as you have children. your nights aren't better. your nights are a terror. a constant guessing game of whether you'll actually sleep, or be kept up all night by the children birthed from your loins. i guess this is the price you pay to continue the human race - you will never sleep again.


after. day 20.

i'm gonna start this blog by telling you about my day, and end my blog by asking you to do me a favor, or a "solid". so hang in there with me until the end.


after. day 19.

last night was a rough one at 1918.

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