it starts with: teeth. you don't think about them until they totally ruin your life.

in other news, how’s my tooth? it f*cking hurts. my new dentist finished up my first ever root canal yesterday, and i’m going to tell you all about it.


rainy day fudgy brownies

the brownie recipe i'm about to share with you has been in my family since i was a little kid. my well-worn recipe card has the title "honeybear brownies" scribbled across the top. true to their name, i remember my mom always having one of those plastic, magical bears of gooey, sticky goodness on hand. whenever it was time to make these brownies, that glorious bear would descend from the cupboard and mom would squeeze the honey out of him and into the mixing bowl. how romantic and oddly grotesque.


a dirty martini and some cinnamon biscuits

i don't know about you, but pretty much the definition of a happy saturday morning for me is being allowed to sleep past 8am, followed quickly by a cup of dark, oily, strong black coffee and some sort of breaded vehicle for delivering cinnamon, sugar and butter into my mouth.


sorel boots. kale soup.

i got a pair of sorel boots in the mail today. i feel like this has thrust me into an entirely different category of 'minnesotan'.


breakfast cuppin' cakes

it’s january. time for resolutions and sh*t. i don’t have any resolutions but i do have goals. one of them is to get through one solid year, one solid stretch of three-hundred-and-sixty-five days without another running injury. i plan to meet this goal by being stronger than i’ve ever been. i’m going to do so many single leg squats and planks that my eyes are going to go crisscross and i’ll be running 8 miles like i’m making a sandwich.

i also think 2014 is the year when i’m going to learn to eat. good gracious, is this hard…


a lot can happen in 30 days

a “friend” at work (work-friend? co-worker? fellow-cube-prison-mate? she’s a bit more than just a co-worker, but i’m not sure if i’d call her a non-quote-friend yet. so we’ll just keep her as a “friend” in “quotes”… for now). anyway, this supposed friend told me about this 30 day challenge thing, where you eat clean and move your ass and commit to it for 30 days.

commitment is not my strong suit…


white chicken chili

i don't know what it is exactly, but as the temperatures get colder, i just start making soup. like, i seriously have a september soup problem. some people go to apple orchards or pumpkin patches. others make pumpkin bread or halloween party plans. but seriously - i just make soup. it's all i'm good for when the mercury falls below 55 degrees. a few nights ago, it was tomato. tonight, it was white chicken chili. it was easy and delicious, so check it out.