that's right, stronger spelled with a "grrr". i wanted to write what i'm about to yesterday, but i needed some time to sit with it, perhaps even sleep on it. so i did. and in the fresh light of today, i still want to say what i'm gonna say, so i'm gonna say it.


tomato soup on halloween

halloween is always kind of crazy at 1918 quincy street. i usually work a full day, then come home to rush the kids into their costumes so we can go trick o' treating before it gets too late/too dark/too cold. after asking strangers for candy while dressed in disguises (this really is quite strange, isn't it?), we come home and the kids are wired in anticipation of the sugar-coma. usually by now, i've realized it's 7pm and no one has had any semblance of a dinner.


i know what you're thinking...

actually, no. no, i don't know what you're thinking. but i have enough clarity of thought today that i figured i'd sit down and get it all out for you, my lovely readers.


21 day fix. round 2. you had it coming!

well, round 2 of the 21 day fix is over! here are my stats:

are you kidding me? i am not giving you any of my stats. because i don't know exactly what (the fuck) happened, but it all fell apart. i didn't gain back all 7 of the pounds that i lost in round 1, but i came pretty darn close.

impressive. i know. you don't have to tell me.


21 day fix. day 16.

today was an awesome day. last night was a shitty night.


21 day fix. get on your feet.

to anyone who may have noticed (chirp, chirp), my last post was on tuesday of last week. that was day 9 of my second round of the 21 day fix, and today is day 15. so, it's been 6 days. where have i been and what the f*ck happened? get ready for all my bullsh*t excuses cuz i've got a whole list of them.

(quick poll: should i continue to use the * symbol in my curse words or just type them out for legit purposes? please vote.)


21 day fix. r2d9. it was a good day.

i needed to have a great day today, after not working out all weekend and eating whatever i felt like. and today was exactly the day i needed. you're gonna hear all about it.
with all the rampant gun violence, maybe it's too soon for this to be funny?

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