white chicken chili

i don't know what it is exactly, but as the temperatures get colder, i just start making soup. like, i seriously have a september soup problem. some people go to apple orchards or pumpkin patches. others make pumpkin bread or halloween party plans. but seriously - i just make soup. it's all i'm good for when the mercury falls below 55 degrees. a few nights ago, it was tomato. tonight, it was white chicken chili. it was easy and delicious, so check it out.


i love madison, bacon, and other ramblings

my best friend shannon and i took a girls' trip to madison, wisconsin over the weekend. i have lived in the midwest for 13 years now, but have only just discovered the little gem that is madison. here's the highlight reel:


there are no excuses, but i'm gonna make lots of them anyway.

holy shit. march 27th. march 27th was the last time i wrote anything on here. what the f*ck have i been up to? and/or what is wrong with me? there are no excuses for this behavior.
wait, actually, there are.
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