a half marathon recap of sorts

i did it. i actually did it! i ran my first half marathon this morning. my time was 2:10:37.

i had set some unrealistic goals for myself, to the tune of "finish in under 2:00!", which was a tad impractical given that this was my first distance race. but when i got to the start line this morning, i was just giddy with excitement. i had trained my ass off, and this was my day. no expectation or missed goal was going to rob me of this, my first half marathon. so my goals changed as i crossed over that start line. i decided to enjoy the run, high-five the spectators, rock out to my awesome playlist, keep consistent with my speed, and keep a smile on my face as much as i could.


totally freaking the f*ck out (or, my first half marathon is in four days...)

my first half-marathon is this saturday. last night, after a 30-minute-pity-party about how much i've fallen off the running wagon these past two weeks, my mother said to me "well, you've got some cramming to do this week then!"

i know that she means well and that my endeavor to run 13.1 miles is quite a foreign thing to her. but the thing is, you can't really cram for a half-marathon in the last week. i don't know much about racing, but i know that. with only four days to go, if i'm not ready now, there's not much that can be done.

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