a lot can happen in 30 days

a “friend” at work (work-friend? co-worker? fellow-cube-prison-mate? she’s a bit more than just a co-worker, but i’m not sure if i’d call her a non-quote-friend yet. so we’ll just keep her as a “friend” in “quotes”… for now). anyway, this supposed friend told me about this 30 day challenge thing, where you eat clean and move your ass and commit to it for 30 days.

commitment is not my strong suit…


white chicken chili

i don't know what it is exactly, but as the temperatures get colder, i just start making soup. like, i seriously have a september soup problem. some people go to apple orchards or pumpkin patches. others make pumpkin bread or halloween party plans. but seriously - i just make soup. it's all i'm good for when the mercury falls below 55 degrees. a few nights ago, it was tomato. tonight, it was white chicken chili. it was easy and delicious, so check it out.


i love madison, bacon, and other ramblings

my best friend shannon and i took a girls' trip to madison, wisconsin over the weekend. i have lived in the midwest for 13 years now, but have only just discovered the little gem that is madison. here's the highlight reel:


there are no excuses, but i'm gonna make lots of them anyway.

holy shit. march 27th. march 27th was the last time i wrote anything on here. what the f*ck have i been up to? and/or what is wrong with me? there are no excuses for this behavior.
wait, actually, there are.


your lunch really smells.

so this will be my attempt to tell the truth about how much sh*t i really eat.

seriously, it's terrifying.


so did i tell you about the time...? (warning: not for the squeamish or any of my male readers)

so did i tell you about the time that i decided to go run four miles with two dudes that i work with?


i think i'm gonna like it here...

i honestly can't believe that eating bacon has done this for me, in just 30 days.

look at what mama did! or, look at what bacon did.
weight loss, in a completely nerdy graph.
you're welcome.


week three of paleo.

it's been about 3 weeks since the badger and i converted over to this paleo way of eating. i've made mention a few different places that i'd post an update on how we've been feeling and on how it's going... so here it is.


i don't know who i am anymore

in the span of just one month, yes, one month, we have gone from being vegetarian to paleo. i have been known for making broad pendulum swings like this in my past. in fact, i'm kind of prone to them. so whatever. judge me if you must.


difficult things.

it's funny.

when you eat real food, you want to keep eating real food because you fill up really fast and aren't that hungry between meals.

when you eat sh*t, you want to keep eating sh*t. and after eating the sh*t, you feel like sh*t. you are hungry/irritable/depressed and mad at yourself for eating sh*t. and in my case of astounding mental stability, those loathsome feelings just send me right back to the chocolate bucket, bag of chips, can of cancer-laced soda, pint of beer, etc. (aka "sh*t")...

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