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my best friend shannon and i took a girls' trip to madison, wisconsin over the weekend. i have lived in the midwest for 13 years now, but have only just discovered the little gem that is madison. here's the highlight reel:

- we hit up the big farmers market on saturday morning and it was all kinds of bliss. the temperatures were perfect (high 50s) and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. we ate all kinds of naughty non-paleo pastries like pumpkin-cream cheese muffins, cherry dark chocolate scones, cinnamon rolls the size of nash's head, spicy-cheddar-stuffed-pull-apart bread, and goat-cheese-pesto croissants. i know that farmer's markets are typically where you get wholesome, fresh and local veggies and fruits, but that was not the kind of party i decided to have. nash also had her first whoopie pie. my family's love for whoopie pies dates back to even earlier than the whole caveman-prehistoric-paleo thing, so it's totally justifiable.
- sitting around a firepit, cracking/extracting hicory nuts while drinking malbec.
- spending time alone with my daughter. as a mama to twins, one-on-one time with either kid is very rare, and they have never been apart for this long. it was so sweet to get to know my daughter on her own, apart from her brother.

we got back around 5pm last night and had frittata, green salad and crispy bacon for dinner. i'm also having bacon for breakfast right now. i've decided that bacon is pretty much the best thing on earth, which makes me feel really bad about the baby pig we met at the farmer's market in madison. he belonged to this very granola-crunchy-tofu-eating couple who kept him in a stroller and wheeled him around the farmer's market like he was their own kid. i nuzzled the pig and felt bad about all the bacon i consumed and pseudo-decided to give up bacon for life. but then i got back to minneapolis and fried some up like the carnivore i really am. oh well. rest in peace little piggie. now get in my belly.

my knee is acting up, but i think it's because i went out for a 35 minute run after not running at all for two months. i'm just not strong enough yet, and i have to keep my demons in check and keep it to 20-25 minute runs. for now...

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