just give me goat cheese

if i have failed to yet mention my love of goat cheese, then i have lead you astray.

i love goat cheese and try to incorporate it into almost every edible thing that i can. i have added it to scones, muffins, brownies , salads, sauces, ragu's, bruschetta toppings... oh, the list goes on and on.
but what i want to share with you tonight is a very simple opening act (aka appetizer) that i came up with on a very special occasion.


my pie dough and a confession

i made my very first pie crust in the fall of 2007. 2007 was when i realized that my favorite thing to do in life, other than playing the piano and being extraordinarily ridiculous in public, was to create ex-nihilo in my kitchen. it was thanksgiving, and my mother had come into town to keep me company. i had never made a pie in my life, but had over-romanticized the idea to the point of infatuated nausea.

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