real food days 3-5, and a recipe

as far as eating whole, real foods instead of fake wanna-be-foods that are more sugar and chemicals than real nutrients, days 3-5 were about 85% on track. the truth is, i still have a couple bags of dutch crunch potato chips in my house. and when i'm tired and stressed, i just want to shove all.the.chips into my face. so, now that i've done some grocery shopping and successfully pushed the potato chips off on my husband, i think this week will go even better.


real food day 2.

today was amazing! totally awesome! couldn't have been better!

just kidding. it fucking sucked.


work lunches, salads, and read food day 1.

today was a pretty good day. i love these early autumn days when the skies billow with layers of grey clouds that look like a well-worn fleece blanket. the leaves are peaking late in minnesota this year, so there's yellow and green and brown and red and orange and pink all around us, all at once. and today, the wind was just whipping through my hair and my coat, just begging me to stay home and make some stew instead of going to work. but off to work i had to go, since i had a hoity-toity work lunch to attend. it wasn't really hoity-toity at all, but it was paid for by someone other than me, so i consider that to be the upper echelon of employment. someone pays for my food while i'm on the company dime. i have arrived in life.


there are words. so many words.

it's been a while. it's been so much of a while that i don't even really know where to start with what to say as far as my absence, what i've been doing, the weight i've lost, then gained. blah, blah, blah, boring, boring, boring. instead, i'll just write a story and share some words. because i tried to post this as a facebook status, and The Facebook blocked me (too many words). so. enjoy.

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