becoming a runner

so, remember this post? the one where i told all ya'll that i had a tibia stress fracture and would be out of the running game for four-to-six weeks?

well, i got back at it after five weeks off. once i was able to pass the "hop test" with flying colors, i decided to start running again, but very conservatively (my runs mostly consisted of long walks with occasional running thrown in for giggles). but within one week of resuming my training, the exact same pain came back... only this time, in the other leg.


monday, a summary in less than 1000 words

while i was at work today, a suspected break-in happened at the house. the nanny had taken the kids to the park, and when she returned, she found the door standing open. we have had a rash of these in our neck of the woods lately. apparently, with school not yet being in session, the youngin's of the neighborhood have run out of things to do. the nanny went to a neighbor's house, who helped her with the kids and checked the house for missing items and/or a crazy psychopath lurking in a dark closet somewhere. nothing missing, and no psychopath found. crisis #1 averted.


sort of vegan pesto.

i wouldn't say i'm a vegan. no, i wouldn't say that. i can safely say i'm a 90% vegetarian at this point, save for the occasional grass-fed local beef. but i wouldn't say i'm a vegan. no, i definitely wouldn't say that. and here's the reason why i am not a vegan:


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