my nomination for mother of the year.

no. i'm serious. zeke is going to nominate me. he told me tonight when we got back from our run.


sunday morning pancakes

everyone has their own saturday or sunday morning traditions, be it coffee in your pj's, cartoons with the kids, getting your long run done, or sleeping off the mishaps from the night before. our sunday morning tradition is to sit down, as a family, to a breakfast table full of pancakes. lots of chewy, yummy pancakes. don't worry, we try to incorporate smoothies or fresh fruit into the whole ordeal as well, you know, just to balance things out.


pumpkin black bean soup.

the fall of 2007 was a pretty lonely and dark time for me. but the glimmer of hope and light that seemed to shine constant was created by two things - my affinity for cooking and the support of family.

on days when i could barely pry myself off of my kitchen floor from exhaustion and/or depression, my family would pick me up... rather, pull me up... with their words of support, frequent visits and time spent just sitting with me. and on the rare occasion when they weren't there for me, i often found myself lost, completely engrossed, in some latest cookbook or foodie blog, making comforting meals for myself as i nourished my body back to health... it's funny how when you start caring for your body, your heart and soul often follow.

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