allow me to introduce the badger

one year ago today, i met The Badger for the first time at the aster cafe. i was more than just a little nervous. i had changed outfits approximately six times before heading out the door ten minutes late. i texted him that i was running a little behind, and i'm sure he wondered more than a few times if i was actually going to show up. i do believe that i blamed my tardiness on the two four-month-olds that i left at home for the night. but really, it was all the wardrobe malfunctions.


ambitious yard work

last night was much like any other night.

after our typical routine of playing with, feeding, and putting the twins to bed, the badger and i began to tackle our somewhat lengthy list of home improvement tasks.

most of the items on that list are centered around the exterior of our home.  in the three months since we have lived here, the ground has pretty much been covered in snow, which has allowed us to envision a yard much like eden itself  - overflowing with lush grasses, filled with fragrant blooms and speckled with trees as grand as the lord of hosts Herself. however, as the snow has now finally melted,  we have discovered the somewhat overwhelming clean-up project that lay before us, thus deducing that, quite frankly, the previous owners of our home simply did not give a sh*t. in fact, i think they took it upon themselves as a personal mission to make the yard as ghetto as possible.

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