allow me to introduce the badger

one year ago today, i met The Badger for the first time at the aster cafe. i was more than just a little nervous. i had changed outfits approximately six times before heading out the door ten minutes late. i texted him that i was running a little behind, and i'm sure he wondered more than a few times if i was actually going to show up. i do believe that i blamed my tardiness on the two four-month-olds that i left at home for the night. but really, it was all the wardrobe malfunctions.

it was a grey and stormy may evening - the kind of spring air that makes you want to breathe in deeper and walk a little slower. i stepped into the aster cafe, the room all aglow with candle light and bottles of red wine, and saw him sitting at a table on the patio. he was more than handsome... he was wearing a grey & white striped t-shirt, jeans, black & white chuck taylors, and some awfully cute glasses. he was rockin' it.

from the moment we met, i knew i had stumbled upon someone remarkable. we spent the evening talking, laughing and getting to know one another. i truly thought that almost every little quip or joke he told was funny. i wasn't just laughing to be cute. i also walked away from our evening together having been in the presence of a real Man, which i'm pretty sure was a first for me.

it was, without a doubt, the best "first date" of my life.

little did i know that one year from that day, my life would be this wonderful and complete. i envy no one's  life because i have all i could ever want. and it is mostly because of The Badger.

i love you, baby. here's to 1,000 more.


  1. What a lovely recollection, Ashley. You certainly have a way with words. Kudos to You and to John for both embracing the moment that the universe had present to you, clutching it at the ankles and not letting go .... Ain't life grand!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great first date!


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