21 day fix. day 16.

today was an awesome day. last night was a shitty night.


21 day fix. get on your feet.

to anyone who may have noticed (chirp, chirp), my last post was on tuesday of last week. that was day 9 of my second round of the 21 day fix, and today is day 15. so, it's been 6 days. where have i been and what the f*ck happened? get ready for all my bullsh*t excuses cuz i've got a whole list of them.

(quick poll: should i continue to use the * symbol in my curse words or just type them out for legit purposes? please vote.)


21 day fix. r2d9. it was a good day.

i needed to have a great day today, after not working out all weekend and eating whatever i felt like. and today was exactly the day i needed. you're gonna hear all about it.
with all the rampant gun violence, maybe it's too soon for this to be funny?


21 day fix. round 2 day 8.

you'll notice that i did not post on days 6 or 7, nor do i really want to talk about days 6 or 7. mmm'kay? mmm'kay.

you can fill in the blanks as you wish. on to today!


21 day fix. r2d5. give me back my black t-shirt.

why don't you just go ahead and let the above video play while you read the following.

"give me my money back you b*tch" is apparently the war cry of both the federal and minnesota government as they persist in demanding money from us. for anyone who cared to notice my signature last night (certified mail is never good news) we received a notice in the mail that a couple of certified letters were waiting for us at the post office. a couple of them! how lovely!


21 day fix. r2d4. whatever.

"whatever" is the only thing i have to say about this day. but rest assured, there's a lengthy blog post that follows, so i obviously have way more to say about this day.


21 day fix. r2d3. bagel thy name is Shame.

let's start today's recap by getting this out there in the hopes that the more i talk about it, the better i'll feel:

last week the badger said "who is this guy, and why do you like him so much?"
i don't really, it's just that he's everywhere. and i find that endlessly hilarious.

there may come a day when i can eat bagels, and today was not supposed to be that day. but i overslept, i was hungry, and i walked past a brand new bagel shop in the skyway with a sign that read "pumpkin bagels! pumpkin cream cheese!". the wafting smell of warm, doughy pumpkin and spice was just too much for me. so. you know...


21df. r2d2. that's right.

that's right. i just made a star wars reference. how incredible am i?! pretty incredible.

r2= round two. d2 = day two. here we go.


21 day fix round 2. i regret nothing.

i hope ya'll are ready for really sh*tty pictures of food and preexisting internet memes, because i'm bringing it back. i'm bringing it all back.


this is the life!

the title of this blog post is brought to you by my daughter nash, who has applied this phrase to both appropriate and not-so-appropriate moments. appropriate: at the grand ely lodge, looking out over a flat boundary waters lake while reclining in beach chairs: "this is the life!" not so appropriate: sitting on the toilet, going poop, waiting for me to wipe her: "this is the life!" not so sure that i agree with her in the latter situation, but you've gotta support her enthusiasm.

on to today!


to inifinity, and beyond!

so today could be considered by many to be day 23 of the 21 day fix, but it's not called the "to infinity and beyond" fix, it's called the 21 day fix. so i'm outside of their time frame and doing my own thing now, but still sticking with the fix eating plans and workouts. is that allowed?


21 day fix. finished... for now.

i have more to say than this, but if you are pressed for time, here's my 21 day fix for dummies soundbite: move more. eat real food. eat smaller portions and eat more often. these sounds like simple rules, because they are. and if you stick with the rules, it's gonna "work" for you, whatever your definition of "it's working" may be.

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