21 day fix round 2. i regret nothing.

i hope ya'll are ready for really sh*tty pictures of food and preexisting internet memes, because i'm bringing it back. i'm bringing it all back.
it's been a hairy couple of weeks. i wish i could say that i've been working out and running and eating only kale and chicken and oatmeal for the past few weeks, but i would be a lying whore if i said that. when i made it to the end of round 1, i was by no means at my goal weight/level of fitness/pants size. i was 7 pounds closer, yes. but i was not all the way there. and you know what i did? i signed up right away to do another one of these 21 day challenge groups starting on 9/15  (F*CK! THAT'S TODAY! [just kidding]) because i knew i needed that extra accountability. so what did i do between the last day of round 1 and now?
look, i'm no genius. just google whatever topic you are writing about
plus the word "meme" and hours of entertainment await you.

part of me has been like "meh, it's alright" to give myself a 2 week break from the caloric restriction and everyday workouts. but you know what? i gained 3 pounds. now, i'm not beating myself up too much because it's not like i gained 10 pounds. but 3 is half of what i lost in round one. so it's time to get back after it.

when it comes to the habit of eating less and eating more often, i'm really rocking it. i feel like it's become part of just who i am now. but i haven't been paying attention to my carbs, and when i don't pay attention, i eat a f*ck lot of them.

this may or may not be what i looked like on saturday.

we're back at it and today was 85% successful considering i also got my period (high five to the badger for not knocking me up!) and i'm gonna tell you all about it.

5:30. alarm goes off and i got up. people, my alarm has gone off at 5:30 every morning for the past 2 weeks and i've hit 'snooze'. go ahead. ask the badger. he'll attest. but today i got up because i knew if i didn't, i'd have to fess up in my FB group that i didn't get it done.
every time i look at a picture of myself, i swear the left side of my face is drooping.
have i had a stroke? or do i have left-side-itis?

6:30. breakfast time, bitches. the children were still sound asleep. thank goodness we're rounding the corner towards the season in minnesota known as "fucking cold and dark for 6 months."
burned, or, "crispy" kale, tomatoes and eggs. strawberries.
and homemade pumpkin cardamom bread.

9:30. smoothie!!! for round 2, i'm still unable to justify the cost of shakeology. but i found my favorite brand of protein powder has a new supplement that is protein plus greens plus probiotics. which i think is pretty close to the shakeology formula (except the shakeo formula must include bits of rainbows and unicorn feathers for how much they charge):
my only beef with this new protein powder is that it turns everything duck-poop-green.
that's gonna take some getting used to.

12:30. lunch. this was fairly uninspired, and i was still hungry after eating it. but i knew i had a snack coming in a few hours, so i just pounded some water along with the salad and tried to occupy my mind with other things, like doing my job.
greens. veggies. deli turkey. desk food.

3:00. OMG-BEST SNACK EVER-OMG!!! this involved a honeycrisp apple which, quite frankly, is the most overrated kind of apple. my apple preference is haralson, then pink lady, then sweet tango, and then the honeycrisp. see? last on my list. but they were on sale. so meh. now get a load of this:
  • take an apple. chop it up. put it in a bowl.
  • take about 2 T of pecans. chop 'em up. put them in the same bowl.
  • drizzle on about 1 teaspoon of honey and a shake of cinnamon.
  • sprinkle on some pb2 (or toss a teaspoon of peanut butter in there).
  • microwave it for about 30 seconds.
i wish i had the right words to describe to you how effing delicious this was.
but i'm seriously at a loss. me. i'm at a loss for words.
write this date down... and note that i'm still talking.

5:00. heading home, dreading the dinner prep hour(s) and way too hungry. i walked in the door and simply gave in. not to martinis and potato chips, but to something that was not in my plan for the day: a rice cake with a smear of peanut butter. the kids had one too. whatever. i was really hungry and kind of weak.

then it was shower time for the kiddos while the badger prepped dinner, which was leftovers from our weekend:
homemade whole wheat crust pizza. big salad. and brussels sprouts.

after dinner, the children had some ice cream thrown in their face while i tried to justify having some ice cream myself. but i could not come up with a good enough excuse. after we threw the children into their 12-hour-prison, i had two squares from this baby:
get in my belly.

i'm justifying the dark chocolate because it's that time of the month and i need the iron, or antioxidants, or i just plain need the chocolate.

so. this day 1 round 2 was not nearly as successful as day 1 round 1 but i chose wisely when i deviated from the plan and i got a workout in. tomorrow i am going to run at least something, even if it's two miles, and do an upper body workout.

until then,
ashley "i'm back" rebekah

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