21df. r2d2. that's right.

that's right. i just made a star wars reference. how incredible am i?! pretty incredible.

r2= round two. d2 = day two. here we go.

5:30. alarm goes off.
5:33. i turn off alarm.
7:00. husband walks into bedroom with a strong cup of coffee... "um, honey? it's seven o'clock."
7:05. up and at 'em. getting up at this hour means i will automatically be rocking what i call "day 2" or sometimes "day 3" hair. it's my version of an up-do, and it ain't pretty. it mostly involves 2 or 3 hair ties and putting on a lot of mascara to hide the fact that my hair looks like shit.

8:00. smoothie time. i typically have my smoothie as my mid-morning snack, but had no time this morning to screw around making any kind of a breakfast for myself other than this.
tropical smoothie that looks like goose poop.
1/2 banana, pineapple, protein powder, ice and water.

9:30. "breakfast!"
plain greek yogurt. frozen berries. pumpkin granola.
the badger saw this picture and said "that's the worst food picture ever!"

12:30. lunch. i am over tuna. seriously. i kind of boycotted tuna for the majority of my 20's and the first half of my 30's and have started to embrace it recently. but i've eaten it about 2x's per week for the past few months and i'm so over it now. also of note? i want a support group for people who suck at making wraps. seriously. this was a total mess that i wound up throwing down onto my plate in a fit of rage and just eating with a fork. so i was pissed that i had to eat tuna, yet again, and pissed that it fell apart, yet again.
angry lunch wrap.

2:30. i had a really hard time resisting the candy dishes today. i wanted something sweet so badly and was really hoping that i had packed some peanut butter for my snack today, but instead it was this:
celery. yawn. cottage cheese. barf. almonds. dull.
whatever. i still ate it.

4:30. home early today because i knew i had to get in two workouts! what? i promised you guys i would. i said so yesterday. so i went for a 2-mile run and then i did the upper body workout. the run was hard. i haven't strapped on my running shoes in nearly two weeks. i don't know what my deal is with running lately. i used to love running, training plans, races, running blogs, etc. and when i was injured and couldn't run, i was totally depressed. so i had knee surgery, i did the rehab, i got back into running, and i've done a couple of races this year. but i've had a hard time sticking with it, and i'm not sure why. it's worth trying to figure out, but i'm too tired to get all introspective tonight.

speaking of being tired, good gracious! i started taking a natural supplement to help me sleep at night and hoo-boy is it ever working! during my two week hiatus from the 21 day fix, i spent literally an entire week not sleeping at all. that's right. i would just lay awake all night long and stare at the wall, unable to turn off my brain. i have really resisted getting on sleep medications, and don't want to get hooked on benadryl or tylenol pm, so i did some research and found a supposedly natural supplement that really seems to be working for me. my mother is a retired nurse and really is more a fan of the western medicine route when it comes to, well, everything. "does it hurt? take some tylenol! did you tear something? go have surgery!" you get the idea. so when i told my mother about this herbal concoction, she said something along the lines of "what dirty hippie from the farmer's market sold you this stuff?" to which i responded:

"the herbs have this amazing 'euphoric' effect, almost like within 30 minutes of taking them, you feel this warming sensation radiate through your body and you just wanna lay down and smile. it's like being stoned without being crazy, hungry and paranoid."

her response? "well why didn't you say so! where can i get some?"

6:15. after the double workout, we had dinner. it was amazing. we marinated some boneless pork chops in a lemony-oregano marinade and grilled them, and then i made cauliflower "rice". mind you, i've tried this whole cauliflower "rice" thing before, and it has never worked. it's either too mushy, or too dry, or just plain suck. but when i saw my friend on facebook rocking a big ole saute pan of it tonight, i asked her which recipe she used. her response? "the 'put a bunch of cauliflower through my food processor and then fry it in lard' recipe. that's really it." so i tried it. i didn't overthink it, i just tried it. and hot damn, it worked.
lemony oregano pork chops and aforementioned cauliflower.

yeah, there's other stuff in that cauliflower. when i felt like it had cooked enough in the pan, i tossed in some spinach and let it wilt. then i put in some halved cherry tomatoes. i'm not kidding. this was so delicious. i will be taking the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, and i am decidedly anti-leftovers.

7:00. the children came home from their tuesday visit with the man who sired them, and we spent some time in the backyard. then i read them a book while they bounced off the walls. they finally went to sleep and i just sat down and had this:
wow! this may be my shittiest picture to date!
it's two dark chocolate squares with a smear of peanut butter.

tomorrow is leg day.
i miss mike meyers.
until then,
ashley "you underestimate my power" rebekah


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