21 day fix. r2d4. whatever.

"whatever" is the only thing i have to say about this day. but rest assured, there's a lengthy blog post that follows, so i obviously have way more to say about this day.

i did not workout today. i was supposed to get up and go for a run, but my knees are bothering me (mom, stop freaking out). it's just because i ran 2 miles on tuesday and hadn't run at all in two weeks, and i probably shouldn't have pushed to run a solid 2 without a walk break, but what'ev's. it's a familiar "you did too much" kind of pain, so i'm sure i'll be fine by tomorrow. since i didn't get a workout in, i tried to compensate for that by sticking with my portions and i feel like i did alright.

3:30. (yes, am.) nash spent most of the night coming in and out of our room, so i took her 3:30 am visit as a sign to turn off the 5:30 workout alarm and set the 6:30 "no really. get up now." alarm. it was the right decision after a rough night of intermittent sleep.

it was sort of cute when they'd wander into our room at 2 and 3.
but at 5 years of age, it's getting kind of old.

i'm beginning to feel like nash and zeke's poor sleep habits are my fault. i'm seriously starting to regret the many times during that first impossible year when i vehemently opposed the "cry it out" method... when i ran to comfort them in the middle of the night at the first sound of them crying... when i'd rock them to sleep or just nuzzle their sweet, innocent faces into the crook of my neck... when perhaps due to the crazy sleep deprivation or plain old fashioned exhaustion, i'd let them burrow down into bed with me while we wrapped up in each other, the three of us, and tried to sleep.

wait. nevermind. i don't regret that at all.

7:30. smoothie time! i drank this immediately after making it to avoid the duck-poop tinge that seems to come on when my smoothie sits for too long. this smoothie stayed true to color and was a way more enjoyable experience for me.

frozen banana. kale. peanut butter. protein powder. ice and water.

9.00. i was kind of hungry, so i had a piece of toast with peanut butter.

11:15. yup. gonna start telling you about things in 15 minute increments. snack time!

greek yogurt. berries. and blatant product placement for the best muesli in the world.

1:30. late lunch.

this should look familiar because it's the same thing i ate on monday.
salad greens, veggies, nitrate-free deli meat. uninspired.

3.30. snack time. bringing back a favorite from round 1 - plain greek yogurt swirled with peanut butter and an apple. still a honeycrisp, still mediocre.

really looking forward to haralson season.

<insert 5 hour pause between starting this blog and now, at 9:33 p.m., finishing it>

dudes. it's 9:33. i'm exhausted, i just walked in the door from rehearsal and i must go to bed. dinner was homemade black bean soup with shredded chicken, and 1/2 of an avocado. or as zeke calls them, "hock-o-vado".

speaking of children, i feel that this accurately sums up my evening - in the 10 minutes immediately following my arriving home from work, i was told over hysterical tears "this is all your fault!" by my son, and within 8 minutes, nash was singing me happy birthday (it's not my birthday) and telling me i'm the best mom in the whole world. so, i don't really know what to think of myself.

also, i'm not confessing, but i sort of am, by posting this thought: someone really should make dark chocolate snickers.

until tomorrow,
ashley "is certified mail ever good news?" rebekah

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