21 day fix. get on your feet.

to anyone who may have noticed (chirp, chirp), my last post was on tuesday of last week. that was day 9 of my second round of the 21 day fix, and today is day 15. so, it's been 6 days. where have i been and what the f*ck happened? get ready for all my bullsh*t excuses cuz i've got a whole list of them.

(quick poll: should i continue to use the * symbol in my curse words or just type them out for legit purposes? please vote.)

wednesday i woke up with what appeared to be the raging start to an upper respiratory infection. this is no big deal to me since i've lived in a histamine-induced delirium since the age of 8, what with the seasonal allergies, asthma, and four-legged creatures that i insist on surrounding myself with despite being allergic to. but this thing wednesday morning felt like a freight train pressing on my sinuses. no good. no good. i pulled myself into work after a dose of my favorite head-cold-cocktail (a packet of emergen-C dissolved in water with 2 alka seltzer cold tablets and a zyrtec-d chaser), but it wasn't pretty.

before we progress our excuses full tilt into thursday, let's back up shall we? let's back up to this post, the one where i said how cute it was that the kids crawled up on our bed and jumped on us? right. i forgot to mention that i was in fetal position when baby a, now a 47-pound child named "nash", got on my lumbar and started jumping. and i felt it, i felt that familiar low back twinge that anyone who's ever pulled out their back knows of. my back was a little twingey for a few days, but nothing major.

now fast forward to thursday morning. i don't know if it was the two workouts on tuesday (running and upper body) or maybe the 28 flights of stairs that i had to walk down for a required emergency drill evacuation thing at work (that's right 28 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS) or the aforementioned kid-jumping, but i woke up in such excruciating low back pain that it took my breath away. i worked from home and intermittently hit my back with ice/heat and lumbar stretches on my swiss ball, but nothing was helping and it was getting worse. finally at 10pm, i decided i had to try something else and started googling "lower back pain stretch" and found this video. i did the video, and seriously thought it wasn't doing anything for me. all the stretches felt too easy.

you guys, i woke up friday morning like nothing had ever happened to my back, it was about 85% better. so bookmark this blog post and save this video because it worked miracles for me.

so! didn't i work out on friday? and saturday? and sunday?!


i was being a baby about the back pain and didn't want to do anything to aggravate it and possibly flare up again (excuse #1). and my calf muscles were screaming at me from the 28 flights of stairs (excuse #2). plus, we had a ton of stuff going on this weekend (excuse #3). and i had to get all of our grocery shopping and errand-running done in about 90 minuets on saturday morning between scheduled activities (excuse #4).

see? excuses.

i'm getting better at calling myself on my own bullshit and i have the 21 day fix to thank for that. and so here we are at today, day15 and the final week of what has been a completely half-assed run at the 21 day fix.

5:30. alarm went off. i didn't even bother with the self imposed guilt trip. i simply turned it off and crawled back under the dark and warm covers.

7:15. the kids slept in! do you hear me? the kids slept in! but that meant i was now late for work and upon waking i realized that i hadn't washed my hair since last thursday. i absolutely had to shower today, no if's/and's or buttocks about it.

8:15. i made myself a smoothie on the way out the door. i picked up a new protein powder at costco over the weekend and it's totally amazing and delicious (and about 20% cheaper than what i was buying before). i now feel like i was settling for mediocre protein powder before because i didn't know how good it could be. this stuff tastes like a milkshake no matter what you mix it with. water and ice? milkshake. almond milk and banana? milkshake. frozen berries? milkshake, people. milk.shake.

9:30. snack. not the best snack, but i didn't have anything else with me.

get in my belly and don't tell anyone.

12:30. lunch. i was starving and this was not enough food. i probably should've had some hard boiled eggs with it or something.

ww wrap with nitrate-free turkey, lettuce and dijon. organic carrots. water #likeaboss.

2:45. snack time, an oldie, but a goodie.

greek yogurt and peanut butter, bitch!

4:20-5:15. epic struggle waiting for the badger on 5th street while he was parked on 6th street and we couldn't get a hold of each other because his "smart' phone is a 'stupid' turd. his phone has been acting whacko for about a week, intermittently working (like, only when it's 70 degrees, the skies are blue and it's saturday) and i am so not okay with the stay-at-home parent not being reachable or having a way to reach me or paramedics. so after this epic struggle and me getting in the car all "what the f*ck?!", we went to t-mobile and i went all new-york on them. i'm not going to explain to you midwesterners what that means, you'll just have to let your imagination run wild.

needless to say, his phone is fixed now.

6:30. dinner!!!

turkey chili. a fried egg. avocado.
screw you gluten, i'm not having it.

so i ate perfectly today, but i did not get in a workout. i'm just out of the habit and need to get back into it.

until tomorrow,

ashley "coming out of the dark" rebekah

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