21 day fix. day 16.

today was an awesome day. last night was a shitty night.
i got into bed at 9:30pm, hoping for a night of restful sleep. what i got instead was a night of restless sleep. despite the melatonin supplement, i could not turn my brain off and tossed and turned most of the night. it didn't help that the few times i did fall asleep, nash came into the room. but that's besides the point.

5:30. alarm went off. i turned it off. i probably could've gotten up and worked out, since i wasn't expecting to fall asleep at this bright and bushy tailed hour. but...

7:00. kids come into the room. they slept in again! preschool is doing wonders for these two. so i did actually fall asleep for about an hour and a half.

8:00. smoothie time on the way out the door:

chocolate protein powder. small banana. ice and water. fucking delicious.

9:00. snack:

guess what it is! go ahead, can you guess?!?!

11:30. early lunch. look, i was hungry. i kind of ate all day long, which is just fine by me. i ate smaller portions to keep it in check.

side salad of romaine, chicken, roasted corn, black beans and chili vinaigrette.

1:00. lunch part two:

small jar of leftover turkey chili. i made this stuff last week. it is still going strong.

3:30. snack:

screw you, honeycrisp. you had it coming.

5:30. home. cardio fix workout! this is one of the harder workouts of the fix for me, and i love it. it's solid cardio for 30 minutes. skater jumps. mountain climbers. high knees. burpees. jumping jacks and other stuff that makes me pee my pants. my burpees suck, but i know from the first go at this that if i just stick with it, i'm gonna get stronger and better.

i didn't really intent to look so snarly in this picture.
i guess my dirty look practice is paying off. my face just kind of looks like this now.

it is now 8:00 and after wrangling the children to bed, i am finally sitting down to eat. this is not glamorous, pretty, or even all that delicious. but it satisfies what i had left to eat today: a big serving of vegetables, a serving of protein, a carb and some fat. 2 months ago, at this late of an hour in the evening, i probably would've eaten a frozen pizza. i think this is a better choice:

steamed broccoli tossed with some salsa.
basted eggs with 1/2 a small avocado.
1/2 a sweet potato with greek yogurt.

it was a good day, but damn. i'm exhausted. i will spare you my thoughts on life and the universe and simply say good night.

until tomorrow,

ashley "you had it coming" rebekah

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