21 day fix. r2d3. bagel thy name is Shame.

let's start today's recap by getting this out there in the hopes that the more i talk about it, the better i'll feel:

last week the badger said "who is this guy, and why do you like him so much?"
i don't really, it's just that he's everywhere. and i find that endlessly hilarious.

there may come a day when i can eat bagels, and today was not supposed to be that day. but i overslept, i was hungry, and i walked past a brand new bagel shop in the skyway with a sign that read "pumpkin bagels! pumpkin cream cheese!". the wafting smell of warm, doughy pumpkin and spice was just too much for me. so. you know...

i had a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and it was so delicious, i almost started weeping. i then went to my 21 day menu plan and wiped out all of my other planned yellow (carb) containers for the day, and my cheese container. i'd like to say it was worth it, but i'm not sure. the sugar high from all.the.carbs in one setting made me literally ravenous all day. and then after eating my lunch, i got this email (sorry it's so shitty and small. i am not tech-savvy, so just click on the picture, mmm'kay?):

sh*t. that didn't help.

i walked past that beloved "team table" more than once throughout the day. and considered it... with the tortilla chips, and buffalo chicken dip, and fritos, and 9x13 upon 9x13 filled with all sorts of chocolate caramel deliciousness... and then i felt it. "felt what?" i felt my belly flabbing over my jeans and realized that these habits are the ones that i need to break. and you know what? i'll bet you all of that food was gross anyway (go ahead, just agree with me). so i ate a clutched craw full of grapes instead. and then stopped walking by the table.

here's a picture of my grotesquely positioned hand.

i could do a play by play of the day, but won't that bore you? no? okay! so let's start from the very beginning (a very good place to start... best.movie.ever.)

5:30. alarm goes off. i turned it off and got back into bed. what'evs. i don't regret it. you know why? because at 7am, while the badger and i were still asleep, nash and zeke decided this would be the day to do, pretty much, the cutest thing ever. they snuck into our bedroom and quietly crawled up the end of the bed and on top of us and started jumping on us giggling "wake up! wake up! wake up!". it was the stuff of cutesy commercials and happy family movies and mother's day greeting cards. waking up to both their's and the badger's laughter was pretty much the best.

the badger and i then proceeded to get into an argument to the tune of "if you're not gonna wake up, just don't set the alarm for 5:30." i'm just sharing that here to downplay the cuteness of the above paragraph and remind you that we are real people who argue about stupid shit most of the time, just like everyone else.

8:30. 2 scrambled eggs with veggies, eaten at my desk.

9:30. the oh-for-shame bagel incident of which we will no longer speak.

10:30. ravenous. i blame the bagel. i had half a slice of pumpkin cardamom crusty bread with peanut butter. i did not take a picture, and be glad for it. it wasn't a pretty sight.

see? he's everywhere.

12:30. smoothie time. my whole eating schedule was totally screwy today. i never had my smoothie mid-morning, what with the whole crying-in-my-bagel thing, so i had it now. for lunch. dudes, it got weird. this smoothie was so pretty when i made it this morning; it was almost a color i'd call "deep rose" or "earthly magenta". but look at what it turned into. sick-person-poop. this protein powder is darned tootin' to get the best of me.

frozen banana. frozen cherries. nutmeg. protein powder. ice and water.

3:00. lunch. weird time for it, i know. but i was hungry and had a container of leftover pork and cauliflower from last night's dinner. so i ate it.

hey badger, is this my worst picture yet?
or does the yogurt-granola of yesterday still take the cake?

after shoving this in my face, i was finally, once and for all, not hungry.

hmm. veggies and protein. not hungry. calorie "light" and nutrient "dense". will remember this for later.

4:30. the badger and the offspring picked me up from work, which is always a nice treat. we stopped at the grocery store to get a few things, then headed home for dinner prep.

sliced tomatoes from last weekend's excursion to the farmer's market.
pile of co-mingled eggs with spinach, onion, tomatoes and peppers.

now, i know what you're thinking. "ashley. you didn't work out today, and you ate a bagel. you are totally f*cked."


after dinner and sitting on the couch for a wee bit to read with the kids, i asked if i could be excused to squeeze in a workout before we wrangled them into their 12-hour prison chambers. this is really what i love about this whole 21 day fix program. 30 minutes, start to finish including warm up and cool down, and you're done. it is really hard to come up with an excuse like "i don't have time." shut up. yes you do. and yes i did.

when i came out of the bedroom in which i had locked myself to do the workout, i was dripping with sweat. i wish i would've taken a picture to prove it to you. but i was literally dripping with sweat, and it was awesome. i feel the most alive when i'm playing a steinway 7 foot, when i'm making pie dough, and when i'm sweating profusely. i feel that if i could come up with some kind of a career where i do all three things at once, i'd really have it made.

until tomorrow,
ashley "it's for kids!" rebekah

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