21 day fix. r2d9. it was a good day.

i needed to have a great day today, after not working out all weekend and eating whatever i felt like. and today was exactly the day i needed. you're gonna hear all about it.
with all the rampant gun violence, maybe it's too soon for this to be funny?

5:30. alarm went off. i got up and hit snooze. and then you know what i did. yup. i crawled back in bed. i laid there and thought about how shitty i was gonna feel if i didn't get up and work out, how i'd have to find time to squeeze it in after work or after dinner, how if i overslept i'd wind up eating peanut butter toast for breakfast again, which is a really unsatisfactory breakfast, and... yup. i repeated these thoughts over and over for about 14 minutes. and then i got up, put water on my face, got changed and headed downstairs to hit an upper body workout.

push-ups and planks at 6am. #likeaboss

after that, i ate. i was really hungry and this went down quickly.
co-mingled eggs. disappointing berries.
and maple almond butter on organic ww toast.

8:30 - 10:15. work meeting. i was starving and they offered all kinds of snacks, like nutrigrain bars and granola bars and packages of chocolate-covered-fruit-bits (is that even real food?). would it kill them to put out some apples or bananas? i said no to all of it, even though by 10am i was really friggin' hungry, bordering on hangry. finally at 10:15 i just excused myself to go and get this puppy out of the fridge:

gross. not really. i mean, it looks gross.
so you just have to close your eyes while you drink it.
which doesn't look weird to my coworkers at all, i'm sure.

12:30. starving! i had leftover turkey chili from last night and some organic baby carrots.

jar o' chili. cup o' carrots. bottle o' water.

for those of you watching, you'll notice that this is not my beloved red nalgene bottle, but an old-school original blue-grey. someone left this in the bathroom at work about a week ago, and it's just been sitting there, ignored by passersby, ignored by the janitorial staff. so finally i grabbed it, ran it through the dishwasher, and it is now mine. if it's rightful owner ever sees me with it and demands it back, i will happily oblige. but for now it is mine. do you hear me? mine.

3:30pm - snack time! i think people at work are starting to get weirded out by the sharp knife i keep at my desk. especially when i began stabbing all of my apple slices today (see picture below) and my cube-wall-neighbor saw me and said "what are you doing?"
"um, trying to do something with my apple so i can take a picture of it."

i think they're getting used to how weird i just may be.

honeycrisp. sharp white cheddar.

after work, i decided to go for a run! i know, i know... i'm kind of not in love with running right now, even though i really, really, really want to be. i've had a couple of difficult runs over the past month and signed up for races that i'm not sticking to, so running has just kind of been "meh" for me. but it was a beautiful day today and the trees are starting to change, and i just kind of wanted to be outside. i let go of my 180bpm playlist and just put on some music that i like and went for a run. and it was awesome. i did 2.4 miles and it was super enjoyable.

i forced the badger to watch 'the notebook' with me so he could see who this guy is.

then i got home and did 10 minute abs. f*ck. i paid for the DVDs, i may as well wear them out, right?

on to dinner!
lemon oregano chicken on a big fat greek salad.
1/2 a roasted sweet potato with some greek yogurt.

so dudes, a really good day. got a couple of workouts in and didn't put anything in my mouth that wasn't real food.

until tomorrow,
ashley "there's no food in your food" rebekah

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