i don't know who i am anymore

in the span of just one month, yes, one month, we have gone from being vegetarian to paleo. i have been known for making broad pendulum swings like this in my past. in fact, i'm kind of prone to them. so whatever. judge me if you must.


difficult things.

it's funny.

when you eat real food, you want to keep eating real food because you fill up really fast and aren't that hungry between meals.

when you eat sh*t, you want to keep eating sh*t. and after eating the sh*t, you feel like sh*t. you are hungry/irritable/depressed and mad at yourself for eating sh*t. and in my case of astounding mental stability, those loathsome feelings just send me right back to the chocolate bucket, bag of chips, can of cancer-laced soda, pint of beer, etc. (aka "sh*t")...

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