a lot can happen in 30 days

a “friend” at work (work-friend? co-worker? fellow-cube-prison-mate? she’s a bit more than just a co-worker, but i’m not sure if i’d call her a non-quote-friend yet. so we’ll just keep her as a “friend” in “quotes”… for now). anyway, this supposed friend told me about this 30 day challenge thing, where you eat clean and move your ass and commit to it for 30 days.

commitment is not my strong suit…

but i seriously am trying to do this. with that said, i’m breaking the rules a little bit. the rules say ‘no booze’. and i simply won’t do that.

please notice that i didn’t say “i can’t do that”. because i can. i just don’t want to.

additionally, i’m allowing myself to have 1 square of organic dark chocolate each night. because f*ck, are you kidding me? try it and watch how amazing all.the.things are.

so yesterday was the first day, the baseline assessment. here were the tasks at hand:
  • run a mile as fast as you can
then do as many of these as you can, one minute each exercise:
  • crawl-out push up’s
  • burpee’s
  • single leg toe touches
  • body weight squats
  • tricep dips
every monday we’re gonna do this same assessment. i’ve always been sort of naturally competitive, so i’m really excited to kick myself in the ass next week with even better time/results.

yesterday was one of those gorgeous, minnesota fall days, of which we only get approximately 5 or 6 of before it snows and turns into the god forsaken tundra around here. and i had my running clothes with me at work, so i decided to throwback to spring 2013 and run home from work. it’s about 3 miles, so i ran the first mile as fast as my little knee would take me (9:30), then i did a combo of walk/running until i got to a park that i was willing to publicly embarrass myself in by doing the following:
  • crawl-out push up’s: 5 (on one of these, i just laid in the grass because i couldn’t get back up. not cool, ashley. not cool.)
  • burpee’s: 12
  • toe touches: 18
  • squats: 20
  • tricep dips: 20
to anyone who was walking by st anthony park yesterday, i’m sorry for what you had to witness. i may, or may not, look better doing all of these next week. we shall see.

in other news, i'm still meeting with my personal trainer, and she continues to be, pretty much, the sh*t. also, i'm finally having an mri on my knee this week. i'm kind of hoping it's a tear so we can just have surgery and move on with life. srrsly.


  1. that's urban life for ya. There you were, lying face down in the park and no one called 911.

    This is just Mary Catherine Gallagher hilarious. Rock On. your mom


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