21 day fix. day 7. a week in review.

i'm going to spare you from the crappy food pictures today and just talk about the week. so i hope you like words.

let's start with some stats!
  • i'm standing and sitting straighter
  • going up and down the stairs is much easier
  • i'm sleeping better and my dreams are less chaotic
  • i'm feeling my core, or "tummy from hell", wake up when i do things like lift groceries or put a kid in a car seat.
  • the girth of my upper arms has increased, 1/4 of an inch on each size. in other words, welcome to the gun show.
  • my waist has decreased by 1 1/2 inches.
  • my hips have decreased by 1/2 inch.
  • i've lost 3.8 pounds.

um, yeah...

in the past i've had to fight really hard. like, REALLY hard to lose one measly pound in a week. and this week i've lost almost four. reflecting on the week, (all posts here) it hasn't really been all that difficult. yes i've worked out every day, but the workouts are quick and dirty and i can get them done at home first thing of the day. the convenience factor of this whole plan is apparently something i need right now, because it's really working for me. and the eating? yes, i've had some dark moments and temptations that i've given into, but i feel that i've stuck with the plan about 90%. eat less crap. eat more whole foods. eat less more often.

when i start to slip into an old habit of grabbing for potato chips or tortilla chips and salsa, i realize that i'm due for a 'real'/scheduled snack (usually some protein and fruit/freggies) and do that instead of the salty, sweaty abyss of a chip bag.

this first weekend was difficult. there were way more temptations being at home with the family. for example, we took the kids out for mexican food tonight and i saw my typical genre of menu choice right in front of me - some sort of white flour tortilla filled with cheese, then deep fried and covered in some kind of sauce, plus about two margaritas and enough chips and salsa to bloat a cat. i chose the carnitas, which was a lovely plate of marinated pork, chopped fresh avocado, pico de gallo, lime wedges, cilantro and lettuce. did i eat one of the flour tortillas that came with it? yes. did i eat all three? no. this is what's changed for me the most - i don't eat everything that's put in front of me.

and now that i'm a week in, i feel that i have some good momentum to keep going. and the other thing that's nice is that this is totally sustainable. it's not like i'm eating cabbage soup and grapefruit all day every day. the level of variety is totally up to me. i can choose what i use as my fruit, freggies, protein sources, carbs and healthy fats.

we tried going paleo as a family about a year ago and it was a nightmare. there was no way i was gonna pass off "wet soggy almond loaf" as sandwich bread, or convince them that the yellow pile of spaghetti squash on their plate was spaghetti. feeding my family while i'm eating this way is totally working, which is high on my "must have" list for lifestyle changes. i can't be cooking one thing for my family and cooking something entirely different for me.

we're heading out for a vacation on tuesday. i told a friend "we're going to fight with each other in the woods." in other words, we're going camping. i have planned our menu for the trip, now all i have to do is stick with my portions and get some exercise in every day. if i can do this on vacation, i'll know that i'm really beginning to change. and that's really what i'm hoping for with this whole endeavor. to prove to myself that i am in control of my choices, that i am able to change, and that my future is not yet determined. i have a say in the matter of how strong i am and how strong i will become.

until tomorrow,
ashley "you mess with the bull, you're gonna get the horns" rebekah

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