21 day fix. day 17. the final countdown.

go ahead hit play and just let it rock in the background while you read the rest of the post.

you guys. this is it. the homestretch. the final countdown. i've made it 17 days. it's the last week of my first 21 day fix, and i've had some anxiety about the "what next" part of this. my fb friend/coach is doing another 21 day challenge and asked if i wanted to be a part of it again. um, yes. yes i do.

what appears to be working for me this time around on the weight loss rodeo is accountability and consistency. i've paid for gym memberships before, and don't go consistently enough to make the $65-$85 per month worth it. i've bought workout DVDs before, and after the first week, they sit on a shelf gathering dust and eventually get donated for some other person to take home and let gather dust in their house. i've joined weight watchers, read this and that diet book, but without the accountability and consistency, none of it has ever stuck.

with the fix, i have to check in with my coach and my fellow 21-day-fixers in our facebook group every day. if i don't, they call me out of hiding. i also committed to all ya'll that i'd blog every day about this journey too. even if my mother is the only one reading my blog, at least the journey is documented for me to reflect on what i committed to. and that appears to be the difference. before i put anything in my mouth or skip a workout, i know i'm gonna have to fess up to someone, either in my fb group or on my blog... because someone is always watching and waiting to hear from me about whether or not i flaked out on the commitment.

sing it with me:
"he sees you when you're planking. he knows when you eat sh*t.
he knows if you skipped car-di-o, so you best not f*ckin' quit..."

as for the workouts, i completely love the convenience of working out at home, but i am definitely missing running. i've only been running about 2x's per week. and so, for the next go around i plan to swap more running for cardio. afterall, i have a 10k and a (fingers crossed) 10 mile race coming up this fall that i plan on racing. so i gotta get the runs in.

always room for one more hey girl.

so depending on how fast you read, the intro to the song is probably just finishing up, which is a perfect time for us to transition into talking about my day.

5:30. my alarm went off and i had all intentions of doing an upper body workout. apparently my intentions didn't mean a thing this morning because i got up, turned off the alarm and crawled back into bed. i know, i know - old habits die hard. maybe i should've gotten up and gotten it done. but i'm still super exhausted from our trip and had a really rough night of not-sleeping. so i opted for getting an extra 90 minutes of sleep instead of getting up and working out. sorry i'm not sorry.

i wake up in the morning and go right back to sleep.

6:30. i could feel zeke's hot breath in my face, and tried to pretend he wasn't standing there eerily staring at me. but it only worked for a few minutes and then i had to get up and face the truth - i have children. so the boy and i sneaked downstairs for some breakfast together. he wanted cupcakes, he got yogurt.

eggs with spinach and onion. strawberries. homemade crusty bread with peanut butter.

10:00. smoothie time.

i forgot to take a picture before devouring it, so i made a presentation of the ingredients:
sweet potato. frozen banana. protein powder. cinnamon. nutmeg. ice. water.

1:00. lunch. it's later than i typically each, but i just wasn't hungry before this. thanks to my-morning-eggs and the smoothie, was really satiated and full all morning. no cravings, no thoughts of eating sh*tty food.

leftover greek salad from last night, eaten at my desk.
"she wants to lead the glamorous life..."

3:00. peanut butter o'clock! i like this way better than m&m o'clock.

artsy picture of desk food.

the rest of my day was uneventful. i got home around 5:30 and had to deal with some tricycle toddler drama. after dealing with all the joys of motherhood, i had a snack.

almonds & craisins

dinner was an uneventful gathering of protein and freggies. it was good, but not spectacular.

grass fed burger sans bun. salad. dry grilled green peppers.

after all of this, i still had an undone workout hanging over my head and my options of getting it done quickly disappearing. i had planned to wait until the kids were in bed for the night, but that's typically 8:15 and jumping around with weights in our 1500 sq. foot house is bound to wake them up or at least hamper their ability to fall asleep. so after dinner i decided to just do the workout in the living room with the kids and the badger hanging around. it was fun for the first 5 minutes or so, what with the kids "jacking it out" with me. but it quickly became them crawling over, onto and under me during push-ups and planks which became very uncute. so. this was my punishment for not getting up with my alarm this morning. i will not do that again.

on the bright side? upper body workout done.

planning to get up tomorrow morning and run for the 2nd time this week. and i'm having my first craving for something sweet tonight, so i think i'm gonna drink a bunch of water and go to bed.

until tomorrow,
ashley "sleep it off" rebekah

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  1. Dad reads it too, not just me!! :) The image of the kids thinking this was gym-with-mama-nite...too much. you're doing so great! That pic of santa was the one the kids saw when they had that pic taken on his lap 2 xmasses ago...you know, the animal panic picture? one of my fave 'kids on Santa's lap pics' of my entire life. THIS is how he looked to them, at 2 or whatever it was!!


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