21 day fix. day 15. ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

back in the swing of things, gang. our camping vacation is over, the minneapolis public schools have started, the neighborhood pools are drained... everything is boring again.

5:30. the alarm went off and i had every intention of getting up to work out. if i don't work out in the morning, i don't get it done... at least, that's how it used to go! anyways, i hit snooze and went back to bed. super exhausted still from our camping trip.

7:00. toddler breath in my face. time to get up. i realize that i will likely be very late for work today.

8:00. breakfast that i'm not very proud off, but it didn't derail me like i expected it to. typically if i start with carbs, things go downhill quickly.

sandwich thin with peanut butter. and coffee.

9:45. snack time, yo.

depending on how you see the world, this is either an eyeball with some problems,
or an abysmal view into the depth of my berry protein smoothie. i'll let you decide.

12:45. lunch! i'm really digging wraps instead of sandwich bread. i never jumped on the wrap bandwagon of the 90's. but now that no one really cares about them anymore, i'm totally on-board. figures. the only thing i don't like about wraps is when you over stuff them and all your food kind of poops out of the back side.

dijon tuna salad on a ww wrap with as many veggies as i could cram in there.

3:00. snack!

isn't this way funnier than a picture of an apple with greek yogurt and peanut butter?

6:00. home! brinner time (that's breakfast + dinner = brinner). when we are totally out of ideas, we do brinner. the kids think it's disney world because it's pancakes at a different time of day.

eggs with kale and onions. berries.
and see that stack of ww pancakes just hanging out in the background there? yup. had one.

and just when you think my day is done with and i didn't get a workout in...

7:30. run! i had to do an errand that was about a mile away. so i laced up and decided to run a crazy loop there to make it about 2 miles, then walk home. i never would've done this a month ago. and i think it's a great change.

8:30. ten minute ab workout! oh, sweet autumn calabrese. i'd like to say that you insist on these ab workouts because you've never had babies. oh, but you do have a kid. and you had a c-section. and you still have these flat, hard, chiseled, carved-out amazing abs. it gives me hope that it may be in my future to have nicer abs, but given that i had 17 pounds of baby at one time, i may be a tad delusional.

in other news, the tooth from hell that i thought we were done dealing with has flared up with a vengeance and i head to the dentist tomorrow to try and figure out what the heck we do about this tooth now. that should be fun. only, like, 2% of root canals fail. leave it to me to be in that 2%. can i just wake up and have it be wednesday already and the tooth is gone and no longer throbbing and i'm $500 poorer? thanks.


ashley "this sh*t is bananas" rebekah


  1. again with the urinary incontinence (eyeball pic). TOO MUCH. Well, it's TUESDAY, and you do know more about the tooth. Just hit that penicillin and stay off that side of your mouth for a good while, see if things calm down. But, we already discussed this. You ran to Target? You're amazing. love you, yourmom.

  2. Oh, and re: the 2%...have always felt that our family was particularly prone to be the 'statistic makers'....I mean, just LOOK at us all and our lurid histories. Chin up, in other ways, we are very much part of the '47%'.


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