21 day fix. day 2. progress, not perfection.

i made it to day 2. i know this sounds like nothing. but i actually committed to something and have managed to do it for more than just one day. this is so unlike me. ask anyone who knows me. i typically go full tilt boogie into any great idea that i think is achievable. i nail it for the first few hours, maybe even the first day. but by the next day, i'm like "meh. over it." but no more, i say - no more!

the fix has you doing dvd workouts every day, but i'm trying to keep up with my running habit, as i have my eyes set on a 10 mile race at the end of october. so after briefly looking at the workouts i realized that a handful are cardio-based and the others are strength or yoga. i figured i could squeeze in my runs on the strength days for what you athlete's called "two a days". easy.


5:20. my alarm went off and i realized that i had actually slept through the night. ecstasy. i snuck into the bathroom and changed into my workout clothes, and then i heard it. the dreaded sound that no mother wants to hear when she has an early morning agenda that does not involve her children... the pitter patter of feet. zeke's feet, to be specific. he heard me flush the toilet, g.d. it, and got up. luckily it was still dark out, so when he stumbled into the bathroom i said "zeke, go back to bed honey. it's the middle of the night." he is a little too smart for this lie and said "but mama, why aren't you in your pajamas anymore?" the only thing i could come up with was "i don't know". call it sleep deprivation or not yet being fully awake, but he bought it. back to sleep he went and i descended the stairs to head out for 2 miles and then face autumn calabrese and her "bounce anything off these abs" body. it was now 5:45 and i didn't have time to do both. so i just did the dvd workout, which was upper body strength. oh, but don't worry. there were
 jumping jacks, which my non-existent pelvic floor just loves, and two minutes of planks just for fun. 
this is what two minutes of push-ups and planks at 5:45 a.m. looks like.

after that, i got to eat! since i had eggs yesterday and don't want to burn out on eating the same crap every day, i had plain greek yogurt with seven sundays muesli, blueberries, strawberries, and then i threw some cinnamon on top. because.
it should be obvious to you by now that i am not a food photographer.

7:30. as i was heading into work i realized that i was hungry. the eggs of yesterday held me over a bit better than the yogurt of today. my trainer used to say "so what's wrong with being hungry? it's not like it's an emergency." she's so right. so i stopped freaking out and drank my black coffee and water and kept myself busy so as not to think about m&m's. 

9:30. smoothie time, b*tches. today was a 'greenie' - protein powder, 1/2 a frozen banana, peanut butter, garden kale, ice and water. i didn't take a picture of the smoothie before i ravaged it, so you can just see how sad and empty the container is hanging out in my drawer at work.


12:30. lunch. 2 servings of spinach, walnuts, strawberries, leftover chicken from last night and balsamic vinaigrette. i just successfully spelled 'vinaigrette' without being spell-checked. in yo' face!
here's a mediocre picture of my food for your enjoyment.

3:00. given how poorly things went for me between the hours of 5:30 and 7:00 pm last night, i decided to hold my snack off until 3pm to see if that would help. it was the best.snack.ever!
celery. peanut butter. chopped medjool dates.
and the spoonful of remaining peanut butter for "staging purposes"

5:30. home and, again, starving. i had saved up enough 'containers' for spaghetti and meatball night (2 yellow/carb and 1 red/protein). but i was so hungry that i almost blew it all. at least, i think i was hungry. i can't tell if it's real hunger or just the snacking habit i had gotten into while prepping dinner. now that we're on day two of forming a new habit, i'm realizing just how much i was eating during dinner prep. it's eye opening to say the least. i did have 2 baby carrots, a bit of that amazing tuna salad that i went on and on about yesterday, and a couple of other freggies. progress, not perfection.
this plate had 2 servings of a salad with balsamic vinegar and quite a bit more spaghetti than this. i just forgot to take the picture before i started eating.

oddly enough, taking pictures of my food and sharing it with the deep, dark void of blog-space is really helping me. i totally understand why healthy food bloggers do it. it keeps you accountable to whoever is reading your blog, and even if that's no one, you're at least accountable to yourself.

tomorrow's workout is lower body, which i can hardly imagine because i'm pretty sore today. and then i'm running with my mama group tomorrow night.

until then!
ashley "there's a piece of blue sky, let's chase it!" rebekah

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