21 day fix. day 3. the real world is coming.

it's 9:30pm right now, which is approximately one hour past my bedtime at old-person-o'clock. these 5:30am workouts are making me a dullard. alas. on to today's recap!

5:30. alarm goes off, i sneak into the bathroom to change and splash cold water on my face because i don't know what else to do. again, zeke hears me and comes out of his room. luckily, my "i don't know/it's the middle of the night" lie is still holding water, so he went back to sleep. i crept down our creaky stairs to face this morning's workout, which was lower body. i saw this on the schedule yesterday and started to dread it, only because i've been pretty sore and wasn't sure if i could make it through 30 minutes of squat jumps.

luckily, there were no squat jumps. with about 5 minutes left on the timer, the lovely autumn told us to sit down on our mats, which usually means things are gonna start cooling down. nope. the next 3 1/2 minutes consisted of this thing were you hover one leg at a time and then swing it out to the right, then in, then up, then keep doing it... and good lord. i have muscles in my thighs that i've, apparently, never used.
sweaty and not nearly as grumpy as yesterday.

favorite quote that was barked at me during the curtsy lunges: "if you're sick of starting over, stop giving up."

6:15. time to start making breakfast to shove in my face!

so this is just what i do now, i guess.

i made eggs with onions, kale and yellow tomatoes, cut up some berries, and really wow'd myself by making triangle toast.

my family decided to drive me into work today, which is always fun and/or stressful. nash had so much to say this morning that i don't think she took a breath for the first 10 minutes. after trying unsuccessfully to get a word in edgewise, the badger said "geez nash. who stuck a quarter in you?". kids. they're always rip-rarin' and ready to go at the break of dawn. no one tells you this when you get pregnant. or maybe they do and i just wasn't listening because i was trying to figure out what i was gonna do with my life.

on to snack time!
it looks like curry, or maybe baby sh*t. but it's not. in fact, it's my best concotion yet!
canned pure pumpkin. protein powder. frozen banana. cinnamon and nutmeg. ice and water.

9:30 - 12:30. work things. you don't want to hear about it. i held lunch off until 12:30 because the smoothie really tied me over and i wasn't hungry right at 12. this entire process is really helping me tune in to when i'm hungry and when i'm not... when my anxiety or sadness is masking itself as hunger versus really truly needing food.
this is my attempt at an artsy picture of a salad. it's really as good as it's gonna get with me.

my afternoon was pretty uneventful until snack time. you better sit down for this, because it's going to blow you in the mind. are you ready? are you? cottage cheese with chopped up apple and cinnamon. WHAT?! i've seen some people post pictures of this on instagram as, like, "best.snack.ever", but i've typically been, like, all "what'evs. that's gross.". no way people. no way. it's like white trash apples and cheese. the combo is so freaking good. and the protein in the cottage cheese was the right decision. i got some advice from my 21 day fix group to divide up my protein portions to have a little bit at each meal and snack to hold me through the dinner prep hours that are so hard.
i took my apple to a knife fight.
yes, this is a weapon, and yes i keep it at my desk at work. do not f*ck with me.

5:00. home for dinner. this went better than it's gone in days of yore. but i did stick a small piece of cheese in my mouth during dinner prep. don't worry, all is not lost though. i still had half of a blue container left (you can put cheese in the blue containers), so i'm not too worried about it.

wow. i'm totally in a cult. totally drinking the koolaid here. i've become that weird girl who measures her food in rainbow containers like it's no big thing.

we successfully got dinner on the table at 5:30 tonight. amazing. there is no picture, but i promise you i'm telling the truth: it was chicken marinated in green salsa, a whole wheat tortilla, some freggies and some avocado.

after dinner, we put the kids in front of a movie because we're amazing parents, and i got ready to meet some fellow mamas for a run. i got down to the pre-established meeting point at the lake and waited for a while, but no one showed up. it's cool, mamas. it's cool. so i ran the three miles around the lake for my first "two a day" (legs this morning and a run tonight). the first mile was pretty painful and tight, but after that i loosened up and felt strong. my pace was faster than it's been in a month.
people always b*tch about minnesota in the winter and how terrible it is.
tell me - does this look terrible? no. it doesn't.

i kind of wish i had something brilliant or earth shatteringly beautiful to sum up day 3. i don't. it went well, and it's getting easier to resist the candy dishes and free food that just randomly show up at work. tomorrow we have a picnic/work event and i don't know what i'm going to eat. i can't really take my containers with me and be "that freaky girl with the weird rainbow containers who measures her food". so here goes nothing - just jumping into the real world on day 4. great.

until tomorrrow,
ashley "that ain't no sock in my crotch" rebekah

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