21 day fix. day 5. watch out, i'm crabby.

i'm going to try and make this quick because i'm exhausted and crabby. i wonder if this is just what happens when you kind of 'detox' off of eating processed food and sugar. by day 5, you are both proud of yourself for doing it, but also just straight-up pissed off.

5:30. woke up for the worst workout of the week. it was constant cardio for 27 minutes. save for a 20 second rest in-between sets, it was, i repeat, constant cardio. and not fun cardio like, "hey, what up ya'll. we be in da club getting our step-up on!". high knees. sk8er jumps, plank push-ups. jumping jacks (again with the pelvic floor), and burpees. i would've thought that b*tch would've put burpees first, since they are so hard. but no. she saved them for almost the end.

6:15. on to breakfast! this was sad and uninspired. fridays are the low point of the grocery stash in our house, so i made do with what i could find.

eggs sauteed with leftover brussels sprouts.
berries which i pushed upon myself because they were starting to turn.

i thought i was doing pretty well before the fix with eating fruits and freggies. but i bought the same amount of produce last saturday as i usually do and we started running super low on thursday. not good! i'm gonna have to start buying more real food and stop buying sh*t. huh.

every morning this week i've enjoyed my breakfast in the quiet dark of my house while everyone is soundly sleeping. not today. i'm half way through my breakfast when i hear a bloodcurdling scream from nash's room. i immediately got up to tend to her rescue (not before rolling my eyes first) to try and figure out what was wrong. between her hysterical sobs at 6:30 in the morning, i was able to decipher that she had stubbed her toe trying to open the door. the only way i could get her to calm down was to offer her triangle toast (the other half of mine) with peanut butter and honey.

7:30. ritual friday morning stop at the neighborhood donut shop for the kids. and i decided to go in with them. although i am more tempted by salty things than sweet things, i have a real soft spot for breakfast pastries. croissants! cinnamon rolls! sticky buns! donuts! scones! but i went in there, got donuts with the kids, got a few for the badger, and none for myself. i just didn't even entertain the idea. 

off to work, and then... SMOOTHIE TIME!
pumpkin smoothie with icebergs! right ahead!

12:30. lunch was amazing today.

lettuce boats filled with spicy dijon tuna salad and sliced mini peppers.

3:30. i'm finding it so easy to avoid candy dishes and chocolate at work because i always have something else to eat within 2-3 hours. this was cottage cheese and a pear.

don't tell me my food photography isn't improving.

after work, i had to run to the target store downtown, which was fairly uneventful except for when a man in a wheelchair yelled at me in the pharmacy line. i was alarmed at how upset i got (not in the moment, directly at him. oh no. i bottle that sh*t up), mostly because he yelled at me for doing something that i totally did not do. maybe it's this whole new eating thing or being almost a week in and being exhausted, but i was super irritable and sad today. and did not need to be yelled at. especially by a stranger in a wheelchair... which just makes it all the more sad.

6:00. friday nights are always "pizza and movie night" in our house. it's the one night we go all hedonistic and totally let the kids eat pizza on the couch while we watch a movie. sometimes i make homemade pizza, sometimes we order. tonight, we did the combo of "take and bake".

it got ugly. i'm not proud.

as i stated yesterday, having a plan seems to be the key to success. the other key? will power. and after being yelled at by aggressive wheelchair guy, an exhausting day at work and stressful vacation planning and resisting all the friday treats at work and the donut shop, i got a little too deep into the cheese bread. more than i had room for in my plan for the day. which just goes to show that i may be an emotional eater.

and you know what? i feel totally sick tonight. i'm alarmed at how sick, actually. which makes me wonder if i had just gotten used to feeling sick before.

all in all, i did well today but had some failures at dinner. tomorrow is a new day, and i have it planned out already.

until tomorrow,
ashley "wheelchair aggression" rebekah

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