21 day fix. day 6. s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT!

today got off to a good start. and i'd say compared to what my saturdays usually consist of (two too many bloody mary's and cheesy eggs, snacking and drinking beer throughout the afternoon), i totally nailed this whole healthy saturday thing.

i met my friend shannon for a morning run around one of the lakes in minneapolis. but not before eating my usual pre-run breakfast, which fits nicely into the fix - a sandwich thin, peanut butter, 1/2 a banana, and a hard boiled egg.

it was really hard to get that egg to stay there.

the run was okay, but not great. the pizza and cheesy bread debauchery of last night really weighed me down today. literally can't believe how sick i felt last night and how heavy i felt today. but we pushed through to finish the run.

i got home to find this waiting for me, which made my day.

"mama! it's a picture of you running!"

so let's talk about how hard it is to be home all day and not eat sh*t. seriously. stay-at-home parents have to have a much stronger will to eat healthy. eating at work is a controlled environment. there just aren't that many options unless i want to go and buy bad food. and thankfully, i'm way too lazy and poor for that. but at home, there's all this delicious food just around and available. thank goodness for my OCD that is really flourishing with this scheduled eating environment. and thank goodness for having to run errands and get out of the house.

staging by nash and zeke.
berry protein smoothie to hold me through running errands.

i hear stories all the time of how well-behaved nash and zeke are for the badger, but when i'm in charge of them, they are wild animals. at the end of an epic, hour-long shopping trip to target, we finally got all checked out. as i was about to swipe my preferred payment method (blood and horse hair), i realized that nash was pretending the sides of the cart were the castle in Rapunzel down which she could throw her non-existent hair and/or the bags of groceries while zeke repeatedly slammed the cart into me. i lost it and went all crazy-orange-suit-mommy in the checkout lane. thankfully, my children know when i'm on the brink of crazy and they stopped acting like they had a weekend pass from the zoo. we made it home in one piece for lunchtime.

eggs sauteed with spinach and kale on a ww tortilla with green salsa.
nash and zeke wouldn't go within 2 feet of it. they had peanut butter and jelly.

things got hard after lunch. i did nosh on a few things here and there, but nothing terrible and nothing in excess. i fed myself an actual snack around 3:30 to keep the wolves at bay until dinner.

here's a really mediocre picture of sliced cucumber with goat cheese for you to look at.

dinner was amazing tonight, and super easy. grilled top sirloin. grilled lemon asparagus. and sweet potato 'pucks'. the kids loved the sweet potatoes, which i was really surprised at. they turn their noses up at most food that isn't white.

i cropped the hell out of this picture. i regret that decision.

i also had 4 oz. of red wine with dinner. it's nice that the fix is only giving me three drinks per week. it's probably about time for that.

and dessert was one of these flourless brownie cupcakes. they are made with beans, ya'll. BEANS. and i've tried a handful of these different chocolate recipes with beans that are all the rage these day and gave up after the 4th one being grosser than it's predecessors. but this recipe is really, really good.

i'm not noticing any major changes in how i look. but there are internal barometers that are telling me i'm on the right path:
  • i'm standing up straighter.
  • i feel much stronger, especially my arms and glutes.
  • i'm sleeping better.
  • i'm not having crazy dips in my hunger.
  • i never feel overly stuffed or uncomfortably full.
the only time i feel deprived is when there's pizza in the house and i have to say no to it. other than that, all the other foods i'm eating are so delicious and whole that there's not much to miss from the garbage i was eating before. and when pizza makes me feel so f*cking ill, i'm sure that craving will soon go away... right?

tomorrow is some workout called "the dirty 30" which sounds bloody awful. then i'm playing at church and the rest of the day will be spent cooking and cleaning and getting ready for our camping trip this week. i plan to stick to the workout plans and eating portions while we're in the woods. should be interesting.

until tomorrow,
ashley "i went to the woods because i wanted to be left the hell alone" rebekah

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