after yesterday comes today.

i didn't post last night because i was busy being a mom and relaxing after a long day. sorry i'm not sorry.

7:15. "ugh, i've overslept again. and i do not have time to eat before leaving for work. but if i don't put something in my face i'm gonna wind up eating a bagel or a cinnamon roll and then crying in despair..." so i whipped up a quick green smoothie: sunwarrior protein powder (loving this stuff), spinach, unsweetened almond milk, a couple of dates, a banana and some peanut butter.

speaking of not being able to smell or taste anything, on the bus ride into work, i took a seat in one of those weird front side-seats that face across the bus instead of facing forward. about three stops down the road, it became a standing-room-only situation, and there was a seat right next to me, clearly open, clearly available. but people still chose to stand and sway versus sit. i began to wonder, "i can't remember when i last showered... this top knot may be day-3 hair... do i smell?" ladies and gentlemen, it is quite possible that i smelled really bad, but i just have no way of knowing.
do i offend?

once at work, i decided to treat myself by going to the downtown target store and getting yet another prescription for antibiotics and these bad boys:
luna alt bar and a honey latte from caribou because #1) screw you antibiotics and #2) i had a free one coming at me from my caribou perks.

around 1:30, i was hungry for lunch. and you guys. pizza boxes. PIZZA BOXES in the common space on my floor. free food. i took a piece. i was immediately sorry. it wasn't even that good. or maybe it was but i just couldn't taste it? so i decided to eat the lunch that i brought for myself: leftover apple-carrot-sausage hash. 2 hard boiled eggs. 1/2 an avocado. coconut water and seltzer water.
i did not eat the parisian unicorn figurine, but i may as well have.
it would've tasted the same as everything else - like nothing.

the badger and the twinlets decided to pick me up from work and we had lofty plans to make chicken tacos for dinner. we had almost all the ingredients... except chicken and cilantro - kind of essential for chicken taco night.

but it snowed yesterday afternoon and per the minnesota winter bylaws 209.7c, the a$$holery was in full effect on every single street. we sat in downtown traffic for almost an hour, watching the time slip away from us and wondering how we were gonna get to the store, get home, prep and eat dinner, bathe the dirty children and get them to bed before 8pm.

and then my phone buzzed with a "hey! you've earned a free pizza from papa john's for being such an awesome, regular customer!". i'm a little ashamed of both the fact that i'm a regular customer, and of what happened next - i told the badger about this free pizza, we looked at the time and decided to order aforementioned free pizza.
<knock-knock> "i'm here with your hot, gooey-cheesy box of shame!"

to be fair to myself, the badger made a lovely salad to go with our gluten-dairy-rodeo, and i only ate two small pieces.

ya'll. i'm not going to be perfect, whatever your or my definition of perfect is. but i've made infinitely better choices this week about how i'm fueling my body. i'm still calling today (or what was now yesterday) a good day.

ashley "here's your box of hot and fresh shame" rebekah

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