whoops, i did it again.

will that song ever not be awesome?

moving on, what exactly is it that i "whoops" did again?

i signed up for another half marathon.

to be exact, approximately 36 hours after i crossed the finish line of my last half marathon, i signed up for the red white & boom. minneapolis, july 4th. save for the god-awful name ("red white & boom"? really? that's the best we could come up with?), i'm really excited about this race. it'll be my second half marathon in 2012 (why yes, i am kicking it in the ass this year), and it's in northeast minneapolis. this is my hood. these are my streets and these are my hills. per my daily mile post last weekend, i'm really looking forward to passing some dudes during this race.

first, i have to get my goosefoot looked at. waddle-waddle...

in other news, this is the summer of yard work. the badger and i are slowly turning our ghetto backyard into an urban secret garden. yesterday we dubbed a section of our yard as the "give away garden", meaning we are only going to plant things in this section that are given to us by friends and neighbors. we aren't going to spend any additional money on this section of the yard. right now it's got a handful of hostas that our neighbors gave us last year. did you know that hostas are, like, the most hearty, "don't mess with me" kind of plant? my goodness. late last summer, we transplanted these five verigated hostas from our neighbor, and then inadvertantly threw bags of leaves, a decomposing christmas tree, various yard scraps and tree limbs on top of them. winter came and went, and we were finally able to uncover those hostas over the weekend with shrieks of "oh yeah, we did plant something back here!" and wouldn't you know it, these b*tches are in full bloom, hearty and full of it as if we had planted them in miracle grow. we did not. hostas seem to thrive on neglect, which i guess is why they will do so well in my care.

now if only we could get our grass to grow in this fashion.


  1. Your secret garden is looking amazing and I'll bring you some delicate ferns to plant next to your hardy Hosta.

    1. yeah, lady bird! thanks for the iris's (irises? irisi?), sedum and hosta!


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