after. day 73.

i kind of can't believe it's been 73 days so far this year, this year of my 'after'. i kind of thought i'd have lost 20 pounds by now. but i haven't. in the words of kj2 and axl rose, "patience". seriously, since or before axl, has anyone been that hella-good of a whistler? i'll answer my own question: no. but then i'll also ask this question: are the pelvic thrusts really necessary during such a sweet and lovely song? the answer is also: no.


after. day 72.

it's been 14 days since i posted. where, oh where, have i been? i'm going to tell the truth. and it's not going to be pretty. you may or may not want to proceed.


after. day 58.

when you finally hear for certain, after months and months of rumors, that approximately 30% of your company's headquarters location is getting handed their severance package in the upcoming months, one tends to eat one's feelings. and that's what i did today, starting at approximately 5:30pm. i ate all of my feelings... from sadness, to anger, to resentment, to quaking fear, to loneliness, to regret. i ate them all. but here's the thing. i can get away with this occasional descent into emotional eating without ballooning up over 200 pounds if i exercise consistently and make consistent healthy decisions about 80% of the time. so between the hours of 5:30pm tonight and 8pm tonight will have to be filed in that other 20%.

and thank you for your concern, but no, i did not get laid off yet. but the chopping block is likely hitting close to home (this i know at my manager's heeding to "just be ready. that's all i can say. just be ready. i know i am.") so it's time for me to start looking elsewhere.

much like when i started looking for a life partner after having babies and said "i thought i was done having boyfriends when i started having babies", i'm having similar feelings to all of this news: "i thought i was done looking for work when i turned 36." not so, my friends. not so. here's to hoping that my actual age of 36 looks more like 26 on my resume and someone wants to hire me for a job i don't hate at a salary that can support 4 people plus a dog.

on to today!


after. day 57.

i'm sure you've all been desperately missing me. maybe this picture will help you figure out where i've been:
alka selter cold. emergen-C immune +.
and my angry mug of coffee.

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