umami is just a fancy word for MSG.

let's skip the whole "why haven't you blogged in more than a year" conversation, and jump right to sambal oelek. i have a deep love for sambal oelek. my love for sambal oelek knows no bounds. sambal oelek, or "S.O." as i like to call it (significant other = sambal oelek, fitting for my current stage of life), is my perfect dream food because it combines my love of spice (8-12 dashes of tabasco in a bloody mary is a good start), with my love for all things umami and sultry-salty.


31 down. 219 to go. still.

well, i guess i'm just a liar because i did not run or workout today. my day got rather out of hand at work. i wish there was a way for me to workout in the mornings and get it done, but a) i'm really not a morning person, and b) there's no real way to do that with the rest of my family's schedule. how do you working mama's do it? do you work out after work? before? during?


31 down. 219 to go.

i haven't blogged because i haven't been running. and i self-imposed a rule that i will only blog on the days i run. and why haven't i been running? because of my back.


29 down. 221 to go.

you wanna know why i haven't posted since january 26th, which was 13 days ago? because i pulled out my lower back for the 2nd time in three months. apparently, i'm just old now.

needless and unnecessary meme.


24 down. 526 to go.

i did it. i ran two days in a row. i haven't done this since 2012.

i'm trying.


22 down. 528 to go.

this day had it's ups and downs. i made the mistake of getting on the scale after a weekend of doing nothing healthy for myself at all. monkey bread! vodka! loaded waffle fries! and the scale told me the truth this morning. i know it's just one measurement of the progress (or lack of progress) that i'm making, but it always either completely makes my day awesome or makes my day suck butt.


19.5 down, 530.5 to go.

so i think i'm only gonna post on the days that i run, which is about every other day. because otherwise, my post titles would all be the same, and that's dumb. like yesterday, i could've told you all about the awesome day i had, the nom's i shoved in my face, and the amazing strength training workout i did. but the title still would've been "17 down, 533 to go". and that would've been, as already mentioned, dumb.

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