31 down. 219 to go.

i haven't blogged because i haven't been running. and i self-imposed a rule that i will only blog on the days i run. and why haven't i been running? because of my back.

i am wondering if i should get into yoga, but i really fucking hate yoga. i've tried and tried. i simply must be too mentally unstable to handle all of that silence and bending your body over itself. whenever i've taken a yoga class, all i can think about is the fat rolling over the top of my yoga pants and/or if i'm going to fart really loud in a hot room full of strangers. neither of these things are enjoyable or conducive to that zen-like state one is supposed to achieve during yoga.

so, to cure the back, i've been doing some legs-up-the-wall and glute bridges. i don't know. i figured i should try something other than core work, and the glute bridges may have been the trick to getting me mobilized to run today. because although i had to walk quite a bit, i felt great and my back didn't hurt. hooray.

now let's talk about the food i shoved in my face today.

9:00am. at my desk: protein pancake with strawberries and some polyurethane.

just kidding. the glossy sheen is from the organic maple syrup.

i wonder if i'm not eating enough. i don't know. people have said this to me before, but i've never really listened. and my friend amy has recently gotten all amazing and svelte and trim and strong and size-6-ass (i'd say we are similar in body type, except she's a fucking goddess and she probably doesn't have cellulite anywhere, and does crossfit and yoga and runs a lot and... you know what? the only thing we have in common is that we both had gigantic twins, and we're both 5'10"...) anyway, where were we? oh yes. my friend amy... she started seeing a sports nutritionist who has been making her eat. a lot. her blog will take you through all the food she has been forced to eat lately, and how she was all "i can't eat this much. i'm gonna balloon up." and then all of a sudden, she lost, like, 10 pounds and got down to a size 6 - and she's was in amazing shape before losing these 10 pounds. so anyway. i just wonder if i'm not eating enough, or perhaps i'm just not eating the right kind of enough. because if someone puts a bag of dutch crunch salt and vinegar potato chips in front of me? i will eat all of it. ALL OF IT. but greek yogurt with berries, hummus and veggies, kale smoothies? i prance around that stuff like a fucking fairy princess "oh, i'm full. no thanks..." while the devil on my shoulder is all "get to the gas station and buy some fucking potato chips!"

11:30am. snack pre-run: whole fat greek yogurt (because now that i've had it, i will never go back), chia seeds, and berries.

i love these jars. they are a combination of the best parts of a hipster -
a mason jar, and a flannel-printed lid.
if only it had a beard or a man bun...

then, as mentioned, i went for a run. since i haven't run in a week, i didn't push it. i did 2 miles with a walk break every 5 minutes. after that, i did a little 10:00 strength routine. it was a nice way to wrap up the run. and glute bridges are the stuff that dreams are made of.

"i'll never let go, jack!"

2:00pm. after hosing myself off in the gym and dealing with someone's kid in the locker room who was freely asking inappropriate questions of people's bodies (mine was "why is your stomach so floppy?), i ate a huge salad. and i also ate 2 hardboiled eggs. this is not typical behavior for me. protein instead of potato chips? okay.

dinner was a lovely and relaxing affair tonight, even though i didn't walk in the door until nearly 6pm. we had a stash of leftover homemade meatballs from last night, so i shoved those at the kids with some noodles and chopped up vegetables. they did not complain. for the badger and me: meatballs, steamed broccoli and garlic-wilted spinach. oh yes, and i shoved a couple toothpick-caprese things in my face too.

this was delicious and perfect.

so, you know, i don't like that i've had to take quite a few rest days the past 2-3 weeks because of my back. but i'm not beating myself up about it, and i'm just gonna keep on keeping on.

i'm planning on another run tomorrow. so, until then,
ashley "these glutes ain't gonna squeeze themselves" rebekah

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  1. As johnny and ed would say...JUSTA KEEPA GO!


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