31 down. 219 to go. still.

well, i guess i'm just a liar because i did not run or workout today. my day got rather out of hand at work. i wish there was a way for me to workout in the mornings and get it done, but a) i'm really not a morning person, and b) there's no real way to do that with the rest of my family's schedule. how do you working mama's do it? do you work out after work? before? during?

i did have a good day of eating real food and not putting any chemicals-masquerading-as-food into my mouth. so let's focus on the good!

12:30am. i got myself out of bed after having laid there since 10pm. i decided to just face the facts that i wasn't going to sleep anytime soon, and that the longer i laid there playing reindeer games with myself, the worse it was gonna get. i headed to the kitchen and mad myself a slice of whole grain toast with some organic peanut butter. i wondered if, as the very wise kj2 recently told me, my body was a little hungry and needed some nom's to put itself to sleep. i hadn't had anything in the way of grains at all yesterday. and sure enough, within 30 minutes of this little midnight carb-debauchery in the kitchen, i was fast asleep.

7:15am. nash woke me up by crawling into bed with me. i completely and totally adore this. zeke stopped doing it about 3 months ago, so i'm cherishing that at least one of my children still wants to smell my hot morning breath right away when they wake up. tuesday's are the badgers day to get the kids on the bus, so i enjoyed a leisurely hot shower (leisurely, but not uninterrupted) and made myself some breakfast to take to work.

9:00am. breakfast at my desk. such a glamorous life!

2 eggs scrambled with broccoli and red peppers. and cholula. because damn.

10:30am. i forced a group of people i was in a meeting with to watch me eat. it was a repeat of yesterday's morning snack: yogurt with berries and chia. this time i added a splash of kefir, because whole fat greek yogurt is pretty thick and with the addition of the chia seeds, it kinda made me want to throw up yesterday. just a little bit.

i heard that "full house" is back, but not, like, re-runs.
it's a continuation of the story,
like a 'where are they now' for shitty sitcoms from the 90's.
i don't really know how i'm supposed to feel about this.
but i'm pretty sure i feel confused and a little violated.

12:30pm. i realized after aforementioned meeting that there was no way in shit i was going to get to the gym over my lunch hour. so i got out my lunch and decided to just plow through things, figuring i'd head to the gym at the end of the day (spoiler alert: no i didn't).

here's a mediocre picture of my food for your enjoyment.

by the time 3pm rolled around, i needed a little sumtin'-sumtin' to get me to the gym with some energy. so i did this:

just kidding.

hummus. wasa. carrots. kevita.

3pm on was just a hot mess of too much to do that i was never gonna get done. wisdom said to just unplug and head to the gym; work will still be there tomorrow. but instead i stayed and plowed. i was able to cross a few things off the never-ending to-do list, so maybe i made the right decision?

probably not.

6:00pm. it was 'taco tuesday' at the house, which really rarely involves tacos at all. it's just some kind of mexican filling (beans, chicken, beef) flavored all mexican-ish, brown rice, cheese quesadillas for the kids, and then all the sides that you require for a mexican feast: salsa, hot sauce, avocado, limes, tomatoes, etc. tonight we roasted up a sweet potato to add to the mix, and cooked up some shredded chicken in a big pot of black beans from last week. om-effing-g was this delicious.

half of a gigantic sweet potato. avocado.
greens with shredded chicken and black beans.

so i think tonight was my first experience with what a purist would call an actual, real 'sweet potato'. i guess those orange things aren't sweet potatoes, they are yams? and a true sweet potato is supposed to be this thing - this yellow-ish, white-ish, kind of sickly looking root vegetable. those things you get at restaurants that they call sweet potato fries? nope. those are yam fries. YAM FRIES. we've all been duped.

tomorrow i reunite with kj2 for some personal training. we had coffee last week and she gently reminded me that i had thrown some cold, hard benjamins at her last summer and never used the sessions that i pre-paid for. because 2015 was my year to be fat and lazy. so, back at it with the strength training. i'm sure i will be limping around on thursday, which is as it should be.

until the next round,
ashley "yam fries" rebekah


  1. do NOT get me started on Minnesota's inability to correctly identify a sweet potato. the orange ones are sweet potatoes, end of story. every store in this state is wrong.

    that said, I'm also struggling to figure out work out times. currently I work out 4x a week- 2 afternoons when M picks up X from daycare, and on the weekends during naptime. it's not ideal but it's better than nothing. trying to figure out a better plan too!


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