29 down. 221 to go.

you wanna know why i haven't posted since january 26th, which was 13 days ago? because i pulled out my lower back for the 2nd time in three months. apparently, i'm just old now.

needless and unnecessary meme.

my mother has acquainted me with her lower back issues over the years, about how debilitating and paralyzing they can be. and i've always been like "oh yeah, i get it. i've pulled out my back too." no, my friends. NO. i have never before in my life done whatever i did 3 months ago, and again 13 days ago. it's this white-hot pain in my lower back that is incapacitating. it's worse when i try to touch my chin to my neck, or move any part of my body at all. rolling over in bed is impossible without grabbing the headboard and trying to pull myself over (attractive). and despite doing all the bird dogs, dead bugs, legs-up-the-wall, and any other lower-back-remedy i could google (and there are lots), there was nothing much to do except let sweet time, a hot water bottle and ibuprofen chased with a glass of red wine do it's collective magic.

this lower back thing is one of the things that triggered me getting my shit together and getting back into running this year. i figured weighing what i weigh right now isn't helping things, and having core muscles that are a) torn to shit from the twins, and b) non-existent because i've been sad, fat and lazy for the last 18 months isn't helping my lower back.

so i don't know. i think if it happens again, i'll go and see somebody. like, someone who practices some kind of medicine. but i don't have a great history with chiropractors, can't afford a massage, and i've heard it said that seeing your family doctor for a back problem is like going to temple and praying for christmas.

on to today!

7:30am. a relatively uneventful morning at home is the only kind of morning that i like. after nurturing my beautiful baby birds like the gifts that they are (read: shoving food in their faces and making sure they were wearing scarves this time when i shoved them out into the snow), i fixed myself some food to take to work:

oats. almonds. greek yogurt with berries. coffee.

12:00pm. by this time of the day, i had successfully gotten at least some work done, and prepped for a meeting. so i shoved a gigantic turkey sandwich into my face.


2:30pm. after an unproductive meeting (#notmyfault), i finished up my morning yogurt and ate half of a vegan mexican chocolate cookie. oh my good sweet lord, this cookie is amazing. if you are reading this blog, and you live within driving distance of empire coffee? go there tomorrow and get one of these puppies. they are only slightly sweet, dark chocolate, and packed with a nice little kick of heat.

i enjoyed every second of eating this.

i went out for a run on saturday with shannon, which was my first run since the back incident, and things felt good by the end of our 2.6 miles - nice 'n loose. so i figured i'd give running another go today after work, and it went well. after running, i took some time to stretch and do some core exercises to see if i can get my back to stop acting like it's 80 years old when it's not.

me, in the car, after working out.
sweaty hair and a wet tank top make for a chilly ride home.

6:30pm. i didn't take a picture of my dinner. sorry. i was too busy living my life. it was the badger's night to cook, and we had brinner (breakfast+dinner=brinner). the kids think it's disney world because it's pancakes at night, so it's an instant win. i had eggs, a huge salad, and half a sweet potato.

i got off instagram a while ago. i don't miss it.

so i guess i had my first 'injury' of 2016, but it wasn't a running injury! at least, i don't think it was running related?

until next time,
ashley "sweaty scalp" rebekah

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  1. If you do the stand while arching backward, hold,repeat, it works. The only thing that works. Yourmom


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