31 down. 219 to go. still.

well, i guess i'm just a liar because i did not run or workout today. my day got rather out of hand at work. i wish there was a way for me to workout in the mornings and get it done, but a) i'm really not a morning person, and b) there's no real way to do that with the rest of my family's schedule. how do you working mama's do it? do you work out after work? before? during?


31 down. 219 to go.

i haven't blogged because i haven't been running. and i self-imposed a rule that i will only blog on the days i run. and why haven't i been running? because of my back.


29 down. 221 to go.

you wanna know why i haven't posted since january 26th, which was 13 days ago? because i pulled out my lower back for the 2nd time in three months. apparently, i'm just old now.

needless and unnecessary meme.

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