24 down. 526 to go.

i did it. i ran two days in a row. i haven't done this since 2012.

i'm trying.

but let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

6:30am. the badger brought me coffee in bed. i never fail to appreciate this. also, this was his morning to wrangle the children, so i headed off to work a tad earlier than usual.

1/2 a banana, power greens, vanilla protein powder and peanut butter.

just as i was about to enjoy above smoothie, i realized i had to get out and scrape the windshield, all jerry lundegaard style.

8:30am. still a little hungry. i shoved this in my face.

homemade whole wheat crusty bread. organic peanut butter. local honey.

10:30am. greek yogurt with raspberries and half a banana. i ate only half of this. i wasn't even that hungry, but i needed a little bump in my tummy to face the treadmill over lunch.

this is supposed to be an artsy photo of my yogurt.
instead, it just looks like someone who needs medical attention.

after a meeting that resulted in an insurmountable workload, i headed to the gym to hit up the treader. i know, two days in a row? what the crap?!

no. i can't.

here's the thing. i have my runkeeper set to auto-post to facebook. i know not all of my FB friends care, but the ones that do? are pretty amazing. i get so much support on facebook when i go out for my measly little 2 and 3 mile runs. and every 'like', or 'atta girl' affirms that focusing on running this year was the right thing to do for my mental and physical health. so if you don't like seeing my running posts on facebook, i believe you can hide all posts from runkeeper. the next time you see one, just hover over that little grey arrow in the top right corner and say "i don't want to see posts like this anymore". and then screw you.

1:30pm. lunch. i keep wanting to like wraps...

ww wrap. black beans. broccoli. avocado. and cholula.
because i'm fucking diverse.

...but they really fucking suck. this is after one bite:

wrap fail or user error?

i got home nice and early tonight and made dinner. pesto oven baked chicken, italian herb quinoa (omg, sofa king good!) and a big salad.

the children didn't complain.

i'm feeling some sickness coming on. like, i have that weird drippy throat thing, where it's only sore every other swallow? i know. it's weird. i'm pounding water and zinc and hoping for the best.

until next time,
ashley "those aren't tic tacs" rebekah

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