19.5 down, 530.5 to go.

so i think i'm only gonna post on the days that i run, which is about every other day. because otherwise, my post titles would all be the same, and that's dumb. like yesterday, i could've told you all about the awesome day i had, the nom's i shoved in my face, and the amazing strength training workout i did. but the title still would've been "17 down, 533 to go". and that would've been, as already mentioned, dumb.

let's talk about breakfast today. so last weekend at whole paycheck, the badger selected bob's red mill "scottish oats". i'm guessing it's kind of bob's take on irish oats, but they're apparently scottish? because, if it's not scottish, it's crap.

from the best i can tell, since i've had them every morning this week, they are something between thick rolled oats and steel cut oats. breakfast this morning (and 3 other days this week) was scottish oats, greek yogurt, frozen blueberries cooked down to a compote, coffee and water.

this is not what i fed the children.
they would've cried like i tried to light their favorite stuffed animal on fire.
after feeding the children and then arguing with them about why they couldn't take one of their own books to the media center at school, i realized that we missed the bus. but that's okay. i actually don't mind driving them to school occasionally. i get to see their cute little butts and backpacks walk into school, and there just happens to be a starbucks directly en route between their school and my work. see? i win all around. i get to see their butts, and then i get my ristretto on.

i don't know what a flat white is. but i'm drinking a lot of them.

after staring into the abyss of my unmanageable workload for approximately 2 hours, i shoved some food into my face.

1/2 a bagel "boat" with peanut butter, and 1/2 a green smoothie.

i then headed to the gym for a run. it was awesome. after i posted my run, i saw this:

run keeper, i love you.

you know what this is? consistency, mother fuckers. i know it's only january 21st, but i'm three weeks into the year and i'm still showing up. still running, remembering that i'm an athlete, remembering why i love running.

i think i'm ahead of the curve.

after a solid 2.5 on the treader, i shoved some calories into my face.

bucket of salad.

a few hours later, i think i shoved some pistachios in my mouth while i again stared into the abyss of my unmanageable workload. finally, at 5:30, i left.

just kidding. i actually need these.

it was the badger's turn to make dinner tonight. he made delicious black bean burgers, and i couldn't believe it, but the kids wolfed them down with nary a complaint. i was literally stunned by this. however, much like taming a wild animal, you must remain calm. the badger and i kept trying to be really excited without showing it, trying to sneak in looks of affirmation and mouthing the words "they're eating it!!!!" without being caught by the kids. because if they see us positively affirming their food choices, it's over.

real food! black bean burger with hockovado (zeke's word for avocado),
broccoli, and sweet potato with greek yogurt.

after dinner, it was the standard bedtime wrestling match and in the midst of all that, the badger and i had our semi-weekly battle over who would clean the cat pan. i lost due to his mastery of guilt trips and dirty looks. he's obviously been spending too much time with my mother. as i was cleaning the pan, we yet again delved into the argument that persists in our household regarding whether dogs are better than cats (i land firmly in the dog camp, if you're wondering). as i'm combing the shit litter, i exclaimed "this is gross. i would rather clean up poop off the street than do this." john's response: "you mean, human? well, honey, i'm sure if we head downtown, we'll find some..." we both knew that i was referring to cleaning up after your dog, but we stood there laughing over the cat shit for a good few minutes.

marriage is bliss.

until next time,

ashley "shitter was full" rebekah

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