work lunches, salads, and read food day 1.

today was a pretty good day. i love these early autumn days when the skies billow with layers of grey clouds that look like a well-worn fleece blanket. the leaves are peaking late in minnesota this year, so there's yellow and green and brown and red and orange and pink all around us, all at once. and today, the wind was just whipping through my hair and my coat, just begging me to stay home and make some stew instead of going to work. but off to work i had to go, since i had a hoity-toity work lunch to attend. it wasn't really hoity-toity at all, but it was paid for by someone other than me, so i consider that to be the upper echelon of employment. someone pays for my food while i'm on the company dime. i have arrived in life.

at said work lunch, work/IT things were discussed and laughed about. and we awkwardly tried to talk about things other than work, while at the same time realizing that the only reason any of us know each other at all is because of work, so that makes it weird. and then it came time to order, and i watched as this gaggle of IT workers, predominantly men (i believe it was 80% men, 20% women), went around the table ordering. the men ordered things like bbq chicken sandwiches with french fries, ribs with extra sauce, and french fries with cheese curds... and one after another, like we all fell into our predetermined role in the world, the women ordered salads. mother fucking salads (please, oh please click on the link. it's some blog called women laughing alone with salads? i'm obviously not the first person to notice this weirdness). so, i ordered my salad "no cheese, dressing on the side" as if i'd been handed a script when i walked in the door, and i hated myself for doing it. yet i also felt that it was the best choice i could make, considering i'm trying to clean it up after a summer of eating/drinking/saying/doing whatever the fuck i wanted to.

"look how skinny... er, um, i mean, HAPPY i am!!!"

anyways, back to the salads. it's not like we got together, the three of us ladies, to discuss that we'd all order the same thing like we're in a secret clique that gets to eat wilted lettuce with crunchy, bland croutons and salad dressing from a can... but we all, just, did it. and i was infuriated! i was mad at myself for ordering a salad instead of ordering what i really wanted, which involved french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. but, as already mentioned, i am cleaning "house", and a summer of poutine and hoppy beer has not served me well. and on the menu at the restaurant today, the only thing that included vegetables was the salad. but it made me so sad, that the men, without a care to their waistlines or how their menu choice made them appear to the world, ordered whatever the hell they wanted. and the women ate salads.

i don't know what else to say about it. it just made me really, really sad. i wanted to grab the two other fairly-fit-looking women and say to them "please, just EAT! you look so hungry, and you really want to eat french fries, i just know it! so please, do it! do it for me! do it for oppressed women everywhere today, eating salads for lunch because they've given up on life!". but i didn't.

here's a collage of the food i shoved in my mouth today (without a sad picture of the sad salad):

meal 1: steel cut oats with greek yogurt, maple syrup, walnuts and 1/2 a banana
meal 2: green smoothie with hemp seeds
m3: female salad
m4: grapes and almonds
m5: homemade chicken nuggets, whipped parsnips and mixed greens

my friend asked if i wanted to do the 100 days of real food challenge with her. i said yes. i made a half-assed attempt at the 100 days of real food deal last year and was only pseudo-committed to doing it. i'm confused by some of the rules, like, organic cream and butter are okay because they are real/whole foods. but almond milk is bad because it's got a frankenstein-esque list of ingredients. and wheat/gluten is okay if it's minimally processed and as close to the whole grain as possible... but i've heard so much about how wheat is basically the devil. so, i'm conflicted. but i'm gonna keep learning and give it a go. because i like the friend who asked me and, again, i can't keep eating poutine and drinking beer all the time. my clothes hurt.

until tomorrow/day 2,
ashley "there's no food in your food" rebekah

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  1. Thing is, it would be sad if the salad was basically it for the day...but it wasnt! Look at all that wonderful delicious food you also ate, and just view the salad as a speed bump in an otherwise colorful food day! Yourmom


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