after. day 73.

i kind of can't believe it's been 73 days so far this year, this year of my 'after'. i kind of thought i'd have lost 20 pounds by now. but i haven't. in the words of kj2 and axl rose, "patience". seriously, since or before axl, has anyone been that hella-good of a whistler? i'll answer my own question: no. but then i'll also ask this question: are the pelvic thrusts really necessary during such a sweet and lovely song? the answer is also: no.

5:50am. up and at 'em bright and early for a workout with kj2. on the way out the door, i slammed half of this into my mouth.
i ate half. i didn't gag. #progress

this is the first time i've seen kj2 since the layoff-stress-induced-booze-and-sugar-fest. it was a really great workout. i used to think i loved running, but i don't. i like running. what i really love is, apparently, lifting heavy things. so after our great workout, she breaks the news to me that she's flitting off to mexico for a couple of weeks. the nerve! so i'm on my own until early april, while she goes and sits in the sunshine and drinks boozy things and gets all tan.

8:45am. breakfast post-workout. i've had this 3 days this week so far and i love it. it's delicious, it's nutritious, and it's easy. i'm dubbing it "greek goddess breakfast pudding":
vanilla whole milk greek yogurt. red quinoa. chia seeds (thanks shannon).
2 clementines in the mix, 1 didn't make the cut (aka, couldn't fit in the jar)

seriously you guys. if you're looking for a quick breakfast, try this. just plop about a cup of yogurt in a jar, then a couple tablespoons of cooked leftover quinoa (if you don't have leftover quinoa in your fridge at all times, something is wrong), a shit ton of chia seeds (because omega 3's) and whatever fruit you have that's about to turn. i've done this with chopped up banana, berries, and now clementines and they've all worked.

11:00am. i was getting a little hungry, but didn't want to hit up my lunch yet. i drank a big glass of water, but still felt the rumblies. so i did this:
considering the pizza boxes in the common area at work,
i think this shows remarkable restraint.

12:00pm. lunch. nothing glamorous, just a repeat of last night's dinner: a big salad, and some lemony pea pesto over whole wheat rotini with steamed kale.
not pictured: the salad.

3:00pm. i went and got myself a smoothie. i wasn't too happy with it. it was from one of those smoothie places, and i'm pretty sure there was a fuck ton of sugar in it, way more than i would've put in it had i made my own. but it had protein powder in it, and fruit. so whatever.

5:30pm. tonight was the badger's night to make dinner. it was supposed to be tomato soup (and it was... we'll get there.) and i believe he was about half way through chopping up the veggies for the soup when he sent me this text:
badger: so i just cut my thumb. i am applying pressure and i don't know how bad it is. my cooking dinner is on hold. 
me: how bad is it? stitches? 
badger: i don't know. 
me: can you check please so i know what kind of a night i'm in for? 
badger: i think if i wrap it up, it'll be okay.
now, typically, when the badger injures himself in some way, he spends approximately 12-16 hours pretending that he's fine, when he's really not, and he won't let me see, touch, or get near whatever the injured body part may be. we subsequently spend those 12-16 hours intermittently fighting over him not going to the doctor. knowing this is our pattern is what prompted the "what kind of a night am i in for" question.

when i got home, i asked to see it, and he didn't resist! not one bit! he took off the bandage, and he even let me touch it! it wasn't gushing across the room necessarily, but still bleeding pretty significantly. i squeezed it pretty hard and told him to sit down and put some pressure on it for 5 minutes to see if it would stop. after 6 minutes, it was still significantly bleeding. we had an intermittent but quick battle of wits between us that went something like this:
badger: i'll just wrap it up. it'll be fine. 
me: no. it won't. it'll bleed all over the bed, and it'll still be bleeding tomorrow, and i can't stay home from work or leave work early because you bled all over the twins' lunch bags and their clothes and jackets trying to get them to school and now it's really bleeding and you're getting light headed but i'm stuck at work. don't make me fight with you about this. urgent care is going to close in an hour and if you don't go now, you're going to wind up at the ER and we can't afford it. 
badger: <deep sigh> fine. i'll go.
i was literally stunned at how easy this was. stunned.

so dinner became my rodeo. and it was fine. i made the tomato soup and the children helped make their own grilled cheese sandwiches. i laid out a buffet of choices for the grilled cheese fillings and told them to stuff two pieces of bread with whatever they wanted: leftover pea pesto, avocado, tomato slices, mozzarella and cheddar. they tasted stuff and zeke landed on a sandwich of cheese, avocado and tomato. nash decided she wanted cheese and pesto. i know, right? i could hardly believe it either. but once the sandwich was cooked and put in front of her, you would've thought i asked her to strip naked and go sledding in -10 degree weather with wet hair. zeke, on the other hand, was a champ and whomped down his avocado-tomato-mozzarella sandwich like a little foodie.

after dinner was over and cleaned up, we headed upstairs for baths. and in the middle of the soaping and sudsing, i heard the badger come home. turns out he did, in fact, have to get one stitch. 

the badger was still insisting that "i didn't really need it." and gave me some speech about how he and the doctor were all "my wife made me come in here" "oh, we better give you at least a stitch then!" "oh, hahahahaha! happy wife, happy life! oh hahahahaha!". now, i don't know about you, but wouldn't it be medical malpractice for a doctor to give you a stitch if you don't really need one? 

you know what? fine. a stitch in his thumb means i don't have to clean up bloody sheets in the morning.

on that note, good night.

ashley "told ya so" rebekah

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  1. I found your blog by looking up the 21 day fix. Congrats on staying the course of healthy eating and exercising. I am learning it is more then a diet but a whole lifestyle change. Hopefully the 21 day fix can help to teach me that. All the food looks yummy. I hope your husbands finger healed.


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