after. day 57.

i'm sure you've all been desperately missing me. maybe this picture will help you figure out where i've been:
alka selter cold. emergen-C immune +.
and my angry mug of coffee.

i'm really not one to complain about the snow and cold. i actually enjoy it and look forward to it every fall. but there is just something about this winter that has broken me. we don't even have that much snow, so it's not that. it's just so bitterly cold. dudes, it's too cold to fucking snow. that should give you a clue as to how cold it has been. and we have had seven, count 'em, SEVEN days of total health in our household since before thanksgiving. this most recent bout of stomach-flu combined with bronchitis-sinusitis and super high/scary fevers (104 for zeke) really put me over the edge of sanity. i nearly lost it on friday morning as i took my feverish little kid into target to pick up his prescription for anti-naseau meds because his pediatrician said that if he didn't stop vomiting every fluid we tried to give him that he'd wind up in the hospital on iv fluids. as i hustled him into the safety of target from the whipping wind chill, i saw that the line for the pharmacy was clear down the aisle with only two fairly inept-seeming puberty-stricken 20-year-old's working the registers. we waited in line, with zeke slowly cooking from the inside out, and when we finally got up to the front? "your prescription isn't ready yet."

i almost started screaming at the 20-year old. instead, i opted for the more obvious emotion: i just started crying. he looked a little shocked at my reaction, and i said "look, i've got a really sick kid here, everyone in my house has been sick since 2014, this has been a hell of a winter, and i need this medicine so he can stop vomiting and start hydrating so we don't wind up at the hospital." he simply looked at me, still pretty dumbfounded. he fumbled with some buttons on his register and then said "well, i marked it urgent, but it won't be ready for another 20 minutes." fuckers. we had already stood in line for 20 minutes, so we paid for the gatorade and goldfish crackers and left.

so. that's a brief synopsis of what has happened in the past 2 weeks since i last posted.

i'm not going to say that we've turned the corner, because i honestly don't think this shit is ever going to end. so let's just talk about what i shoved in my face today.

8:30. breakfast at work because i didn't have time to eat at home and get to work at an acceptable hour. speaking of acceptable? minneapolis is an early city for starting the work day. i think most major cities? 9am is an acceptable time to start your day. not here. you walk in a 8:15 and you're already late.
loaded veggie omelette with sriracha. coffee. water.
and a small serving of oats with half a banana and an organic version of pb2.

11:00am. i started getting sleepy, so i got more coffee and a kind bar to wash it down with.
yes, this is my favorite work mug.

1:00pm. lunch time.
huge salad. celery.
and a mug of tuna mixed with some plain greek yogurt.

3:00pm. snack time!
apple. peanut butter greek yogurt swirl.

4:30pm. i headed to the strength training class. this was the first time i've worked out since the sickness hit us about 10 days ago. i felt pretty good and energetic at class. maybe it was the apple? not sure. 

i got home around 6:00pm and was starving. dinner was nearly ready, but still about 45 minutes off. and again. i was starving. i had some almonds, 1/2 a slice of deli turkey, and then i found it: a bit of guacamole left in the bottom of a container.
total annihilation. 

6:45pm. we sat down to dinner. it was a fabulous lasagna that i made yesterday but we never got around to eating. i made a homemade meat sauce with 1/2 ground turkey and 1/2 grass-fed beef, and then layered the requisite cheese, ricotta, yadda-yadda. i also threw some spinach into the layers for extra oomph. i do not understand my children. they love noodles. the love cheese. they love meat sauce. but if i put it all together and bake it into a lovely lasagna, it's nothing but a fight. during dinner, i said to nash "there will come a day, you'll probably be off at college, or maybe in your 20's and finally in your own apartment, and you will miss all this homemade food that you are refusing to eat."
i took about 80% the size of a piece than i normally would've taken.

today's triple triumphs:
  • i stopped at about 80% with every meal today.
  • i worked out.
  • i got to work on time.

until tomorrow,
ashley "there's nothing on" rebekah

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