after. day 46.

4:00am. awakened by nash hovering over me, saying, "mom, i threw up in my bed." in my pseudo-slumber i kind of half-doubted her, that maybe she was just looking for an excuse to snuggle. so i replied with "no, you didn't..." "yes, i did!" the badger got up to assess the situation, and a few seconds later i heard him say "oh, she sure did." she isn't typically our vomit kid, so to say i was surprised would be an understatement.

i shared the situation with The Facebook this morning:

so yes, today was our anniversary. and we spent it intermittently cleaning up whatever nash expunged from her stomach and sleeping.

9:00am. i made myself some breakfast. this was supposed to be a pumpkin-protein-pancake, but something changed in the chemical makeup of the pancake with the addition of the pumpkin. so it turned into more of a "sweet scramble". but it was still good.

sweet pumpkin scramble. strawberries. water.
and we went through 2 pots of coffee today.

around 10am, nash said she wanted to "nuggle" with me and watch a movie.

this after insisting that i put on the movie 'brave' for her.
i dragged a chair into the bedroom, hooked up the laptop, got the dvd, turned it on,
and she promptly fell asleep.

1:00pm. i fixed myself some lunch.

again with the sweet potato hash.
and sriracha. i.p.t.s.o.e. (i-put-that-shit-on-everything)

i would've liked to have gotten in a workout today, but i didn't. i'm pretty exhausted from everyone being sick last week, the insomnia of this week, and the vomiting of last night. so instead of going out for a run this afternoon, i took a nap.

nash wouldn't eat or drink a thing all day other than a few sips of water, and then all of a sudden around 4pm, she decided that nothing had happened and she was fine.

kids are amazingly resilient. and mine will likely still need therapy as adults.

<insert brief pause in blogging while i... oh, um... uh, honey? get the bucket...>

so i guess she didn't really rally. at all. it was a very brief foray into health until about 5pm when she vomited again. at 5:30, she said she wanted to go to bed, and neither she nor i were interested in trying to feed her dinner. her because she's sick, and me because i don't want to clean up any more vomit today.

6:45pm. dinner. homemade chicken noodle soup. zeke gobbled it. nash slept through it.

lots of leftovers.

today's triple triumph's:

  • i did not get on the scale today. on a day like this, who needs it?
  • i slept when i needed to, even though my training plan said to run. no one is gonna die if my training plan isn't crossed off completely as scheduled. i needed sleep. i listened to myself.
  • i drank a lot of water today.
until tomorrow,
ashley "down with the sickness" rebekah

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