after. day 45.

i did not sleep one wink last night. not one. i was supposed to have a 6:00am appointment with kj2 for a workout, so i was in bed with the lights out by 9:00pm. at 10:30pm, i decided to get up and take a benedryl because i still hadn't fallen asleep. at 1:30am, i decided to text kj2 and tell her that i would not be coming because i had not yet fallen asleep. and at 3:00am? well, now i'm just fucking pissed.

i've started reading this book called WomanCode. i'm only through chapter four, but i'm gathering that it's all about getting your hormones in order so that you can learn to love your ovaries, or your ovaries can learn to love you (or something like that). from what i've read so far, i've determined that my reoccurring insomnia is either due to my adrenals being totally fucking overworked and/or my ovaries being in hyper-drive. i don't know. i'm hoping that chapter five has some advice or answers for how i can stop this crazy train.

anyways, that's one of the things i was thinking about when i couldn't go to sleep: adrenals. and ovaries. and cortisol. and shopping lists. and bills. and resumes. and cleaning the house. and making oatmeal. and getting everything done that i need to get done before leaving for iowa on friday. and sticking to my workouts because they help me manage my stress and increase my level of happiness.

but when i don't sleep, i can't workout. so. alas.

i did get some dietary help from kj2 this morning. she said that my body was gonna want carbs like crazy since i didn't get any sleep. i wasn't sure if she was giving me permission to eat another scone? or make a pan of cinnamon biscuits? i don't think so. i tried to keep the carbs reasonable and within the range of what i would normally eat. her advice was to get some good protein, some healthy fats, lots of veggies and some fruit. i think i did okay.

8:00am. breakfast before heading off to preschool parent's day was a cherry-green smoothie and oatmeal. now, i don't know if it was the extra boost of protein in the smoothie (i added 1/4 cup of cottage cheese) or the oatmeal, but i was complete full until lunch time. this rarely happens.

i love you, oatmeal.

after parent's appreciation day at N&Z's preschool, the badger and i decided to grab a cup of coffee at mojo coffee in northeast minneapolis for a little day date. they've only been open a few months, i have a friend who works there, and i've heard fabulous things about the place. so we simply had to check it out.

guys, this is everything you want in a coffee shop if you went to college in the 90's. i know that coffee shops have kind of become hipster joints nowadays, a place to be seen during the day working on your mac while wearing your hipster beard and your skinny jeans... a place where they serve you light roast coffee and dry croissants while snubbing you for asking if they have a dark roast. but mojo is a hearkening back to the coffee shop days of yore. you remember the places i'm talking about: cafe prague. ginkgo's. coffee shock. cosmic charlies...

mojo is warm. it's inviting. their coffee is amazing. they have local art on the walls and local pottery adorning their shelves. and today there was a potter there, doing his pottery-thing (spinning? whirling? i'm unfamiliar with the official terms) just making a vase, NBD, while i sipped on my almond-milk latte and listened to the musical musings of iron & wine and bon iver, pretty much my two favorite bands for when "i'm in a mellow fucking mood now". i was told that their energy bars are the bomb, full of everything you would want in a multivitamin, but from whole foods. next time i go there, i will be getting one. they have a small breakfast menu with eggs and such, and everything looked and smelled fabulous. seriously guys, if you're in the market for a new favorite coffee shop, give mojo a try. you won't regret it.

finally. a place that offers something other than cow and soy.

after that, my day went downhill. not really. it's just that i had to go to work and i would've much rather spent my day at a coffee shop with the badger or at preschool with my babies.

12:30pm. lunch from au bon pain. after a chilly two-block walk in -8, i wanted soup. and a.b.p. was the first place i saw that had soup.

12 vegetable vegan soup
and a small chicken-pesto-arugula salad with chickpeas

around 6pm i headed to rehearsal and then played for the ash wednesday service at 1st covenant church. so my dinner wasn't until 8:45pm when i finally got home. and it wasn't memorable. i just grabbed some leftover sweet potato hash and a slice of toast with peanut butter.


today's triple triumph's
  • i wanted to eat cinnamon rolls all day. but i didn't.
  • my lunch portion was plenty filling and way less than i usually eat.
  • i really wanted to stop at mcdonald's on the way home from rehearsal, but instead headed home for leftover, homemade, whole food.

until next time,
ashley "i wanted french fries" rebekah

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