after. day 39.

after months of shared sickness and sleepless nights, the badger and i have taken to sleeping in separate beds. but last night, he finally got back into the "marriage bed", and we both slept like babies. big, fat, snugly-winter babies. welcome back, badger.

7:30am. i woke up starving! i quieted the hungry tummy with this bomb of amazing greenness:
1/2 a banana. frozen pineapple. kale. vanilla sun warrior.
unsweetened coconut milk. ice.

i think eating 20% less than i usually do is shrinking my stomach. is that possible after only doing it for 36 hours? i don't know. but this smoothie was hard to finish.

10:30am. i ate these puppies:

the peeling went surprisingly well given my track record...

2:30pm. lunch. weird hour for it, but i just wasn't hungry before this, and i'm trying to cue into my own hunger signals and eat when i'm hungry, not just because a) it's lunch time or b) there's free food somewhere (although those are really good reasons to eat...)
leftovers from last night: spaghetti squash, baked chicken parmesan

6:30pm. it was brinner night (breakfast for dinner equals brinner), but instead of my go-to frittata, i decided to make frittata cups. basically, a fritatta poured into muffin tins and baked. so i guess i made frittata? they turned out pretty good, but could use some work. i'll post my recipe once i figure out what the problem was, because i'm still not sure.

salad with avocado. 1/2 a small baked sweet potato. 2 frittata cups.

i didn't run today. maybe i should've, but i didn't get up at 5am to do it like i need to in order to get it done and get to work, and if i don't do it before work, i have no other options. you guys, what should i do? do i just have to suck it up, get up and get it done in the morning? should i join a gym that would make lunch-time runs possible? 8pm running? what do you think?

ashley "ain't nobody got time for that" rebekah

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