after. day 38.

so after i hit "publish" on last night's blog post, i shut down ye ole laptop, got my ritualistic glass of water that goes on my nightstand, checked on/nuzzled N & Z, and crawled into bed. and i laid there. i fucking laid there until 2am when i finally decided that all the deep breathing, attempted meditation and muscle-by-muscle relaxing was not going to help me sleep. i stumbled downstairs to the kitchen to take one of my favorite sleep supplements (it's basically melatonin) only to discover that we were out. but there was some benadryl, which always knocks me out in a pinch. so down the hatch it went, and off to sleep i (finally) went.

i just could not turn my brain off. too much excitement from the day and the week i suppose. i could blame the "late night" rehearsals we've been having for the 808's gig on friday night, but they aren't late night! we wrap that shit up by 8pm because we're fuddy duddies! but the music-making and ensuing merriment just gets me all revved up and i can't settle down. i have no idea how i used to go out to shows all night long at bars and then crawl right into bed, sleep, and get up for work on time. i have no memory of this being difficult at all. which just goes to show: your 20s are wasted on being 20.

i was supposed to meet kj2 for a workout this morning, but she actually canceled on me! for once i am not to blame! poor kj2. feel better, mmm'kay?

so i've had two back-to-back rest days. i suppose with how i'm overextending my energies this week with rehearsals, a gig, a full time job, and a family, that rest days are a-okay. but i'm gonna run tomorrow, dammit. i better because i've got a race coming up.

10:30am. this is the first time i ate today. lack of sleep really stifles your appetite. or your ape tit.

i had an ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla with a slathering of peanut butter and a diced apple. then i had 2 hardboiled eggs as a chaser. cause, you know, protein.

ugly picture of real food!

more ugly pictures of my food!

after that, i just got all caught up in the drama at work, and meetings, and things i had to do. and i kind of forgot to eat. i know, right? me! i forgot to eat...

2:30pm. i decided to put some food into my mouth, because i pictured getting home at 5:30 for dinner prep and shoving everything i could find in my face. i didn't want to do that. so i did this:
3x3 protein bread. greek yogurt. strawberries.

the rest of my day was an experiment in mediocrity. i do what i can.

i got home from work around 5:30 and made dinner: oven chicky-chicky-parm-parm with spaghetti squash, a huge salad and some ezekiel bread with grass-fed butter and garlic powder and sea salt. i didn't take a picture because we were listening to my "love" playlist on spotify in preparation for valentine's day.

ashley "is walmart hiring?" rebekah

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