after. day 34.

i have absolutely zero crappy pictures of food to show you today. you're welcome.

i had great intentions of getting up to run with my friend shannon this morning. but then i was up most of the night because baby b is now ill. and instead of having something normal like a cough or a drippy nose, the kid had a 103.3 temperature in the middle of the night. i have literally never in my life seen a temperature that high. i freaked out a little bit. into the bathroom we went to do some cool sponging off, chased with a dose of tylenol. he was acting okay, not confused or abnormally lethargic for 1am, so i didn't think heading to the ER for our 2nd trip of the week was necessary. but i called the pediatric nurse line, just to be sure. i tucked zeke back into bed, his temp now down to 102.5, and proceeded to wait on hold until 1:45am when i finally got gaylord focker on the phone.

he apologized for the long hold time and assured me that "we only head to the ER if the temp goes over 104." whew. that's a sigh of relief, only seven-tenths more of a degree until i have to face yet another emergency room. so i was up every few hours last night checking zeke's temperature to make sure "we" didn't cross that 104 threshold. "we" didn't. with tylenol, he was clocking in around a 101 throughout the night. but there was no way in hell that i was going to get up and run. i attempted to sleep in once morning came, but you know, i have two 5 year old's. so it wasn't happening.

8:30am. i got up and decided to face my day, which included some time to rehearse for my band's upcoming gig on friday the 13th. the significance of our first gig being on friday the 13th is not lost on me.
this is not the kind of "piano" that i ever pictured
when they handed me my piano performance degree.

after rehearsing, i felt like spending my whole paycheck so i headed to whole foods. we only needed a few things, so it wasn't nearly as bank-breaking as i expected it to be.

12:30pm. home for smoothie time: a scoop of vanilla sun warrior protein powder, a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1/2 a frozen banana, some frozen cherries, and a cup of iced coffee.
i dubbed it "chocolate cherry mochaccino" and could not stop thinking of zoolander.

then i attempted to nap, but that went poorly. i absolutely cannot nap. i've never really been able to and on the rare occasion that i do fall asleep during the day, i wake up feeling like i've been slugged in the face with a sack of potatoes and then run over by a truck. so i got up from said nap-attempt and decided to do a kj2 workout.
the white board of badassedness does not accurately convey
how awesome this workout was.

2:30pm. i had a post-wo snack: some plain greek yogurt swirled with a bit of canned pumpkin, some cinnamon and a splash of maple syrup. it was delicious. i've never mixed pumpkin with yogurt before. i'll be doing this again soon. probably tomorrow.

the rest of the day was pretty mellow and uneventful. we had homemade pizza for dinner with goat milk mozzarella, because we're attempting to go dairy-free to help nash's restricted airways (read: asthma). i'm not sure i can give up butter. and i don't think there's such a thing as goat butter. alas.

ashley "there's no food in your food" rebekah

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