after. day 32.

well, the igor-eye has improved significantly. i texted my mother a picture of my face around 4am (i'm sure she loves this) and said "well, we aren't exactly sprinting out of the woods yet, but i think it's getting better." my poor mother. even though she's been retired from her career as a nurse for a handful of years, the work of motherhood never ends. speaking of text messages at 4am, maybe you are wondering why i was up at 4am?

4:00am. nash comes into the room in the throes of asthma attack #2 of the night (the first one was at midnight). so again with the albuterol, and again with the tucking back into bed. and again, i was grateful that she was going to her pediatrician today.

5:00am. zeke comes into the room, "mom? i'm done sleeping now." i grabbed him and said "oh no you're not" and pulled him into the bed. within 5 minutes, he was snuggling and snoring and all was right with the world. and just as i drifted back to sleep...

5:30am. the all too familiar "huulp. huulp. huulp. huuuuuuuuuulp....!!!!!" of a dog rearing up for a good old vomit. fucking levi. he got into the garbage a-fucking-gain yesterday afternoon. and every time he does this, he vomits with 27 hours. i really wish he would learn the whole consequence thing, but maybe that's a level of intelligence and reasoning that dogs just don't have. and of course, levi would not elimiate the contents of his stomach on the hardwood floor, someplace easy to clean up. no. he jumped up ONTO THE BED and vomited ON THE DUVET. at this point, after being awoken every hour all night long, i did the most horrific thing that i've done to date as a mother: i sat up, saw the dog vomit on the bed, and laid right back down. that's right, i fucking left it there.
"please forgive me, i know not what i do.
please forgive me. i can't stop loving you..."

listen. there are dark moments of parenthood and dog ownership. i'm not proud of my decision, especially when the badger came into the room at 7am and sat down on the bed to put on his socks and immediately stood up and said "what is on the bed?!". i woke up in the light of the realization that, oh yes, the dog vomited on the bed and i left it there while i went back to sleep with zeke.

you can't win them all.

i worked from home again today, so as to avoid my coworkers suspicions that i have either facial herpes or the plague, since that thing is still on my face.
am i pretty yet?

i'm no doctor, but i think it looks better. and i was able to get my contacts in today for the first time since sunday. win.

7:30am. since i'm taking horse antibiotics, i had to get something in my stomach quick before pulling a levi...
1 slice of ezekiel bread, toasted, with peanut butter and honey.

after that, i took nash to the doctor. because it's thursday and it's her turn. an hour long appointment and they aren't diagnosing her with asthma, but something called "restrictive airways" (read: asthma). because apparently your kid can't be officially diagnosed as an asthmatic until they are 7 years old. great. two more years of rescue inhalers every time she gets sick. we did get some prednisone for her, so that should be fun, along with a longer acting inhaler that should help her sleep at night instead of waking up and asking me for "the puffer" at 12am, and 2am, and 4am...

after the doctor visit, we went to caribou coffee. nash had chocolate milk and a chocolate cookie. i followed suit and had chocolate coffee cake and an americano because they were only brewing light and medium roast and i hate that shit. i want my coffee dark and oily dammit, and it's getting harder and harder to find a good cup of dark roast coffee what with all the hipsters and their light roast coffee.

after the insulin rush at caribou, we came home and the progeny headed off to school while i worked some more.

12:30pm. lunch. i sauteed up some kale and some bell peppers. then i threw in a couple of eggs. then i made avocado toast, because that seems to be all the rage lately and i've never tried it. tell you what - i get why it's all the rage. it was delicious.
good choices. nailin' it.

2:00pm. i decided to take the eye to the gym for a run because i have yet to take this thing into public. and i haven't worked out since the strength training class on monday and i wanted to do something. i've gained some good momentum with my workouts the past few weeks and don't want to lose it just because my eye looks like the second coming of christ being birthed right out of my eyebrow. why He chose me, i'm unsure. i'm just a humble and grateful servant, as mary was.

where were we? oh yes. running at the gym. it was awesome. i'm still doing run/walk combos, and my running segments are getting longer.
i'm pretty sure a lot of people were staring at my eye while i was running.

after the run, i ate half a think thin bar. i forgot to take a picture. can you forgive me?
thanks, buddy jesus.

6:00pm. dinner time. chicken dingens (nash's word for 'fingers') dredged in egg and almond meal, then baked. sauteed brussels sprouts and broccoli with canadian bacon... because BACON. and baked sweet potatoes.

any day that i don't have to go and have my eye sliced open by a doctor is a good day. so today was a good day. a really, really good day.

ashley "eye told you so" rebekah

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