after. day 24.

5:15am. alarm goes off for my booty call. no, not the kind of booty call you're thinking of, more the kind of booty call these girls are talking about. a good ole fashioned a.m. sweat fest with kj2. i turned the alarm off and laid there for a few minutes trying to figure out if i was actually going to get up. i did.

here's the workout she had me do today. it was friggin' awesome. i was dripping in sweat and at one point i dripped sweat right down onto her lovely (and clean) medicine ball and said "sorry..." and she goes "who are you apologizing to?". good question, kj2. good question. 
the white board of badassedness.
i'd show you the moves, but then i'd have to kill you.
or kj2 would kill me. this shit ain't free, yo.

i will tell you what my favorite move was this morning: dumbbell plank drags; you get up into a high plank and you drag a dumbbell back and forth. i know exactly why i love this move so much: i feel like i'm in the trenches, in some great and mighty battle, and someone is handing me weaponry and other battle-esque supplies and yelling "a day may come when the courage of men fails... but it is not this day! an hour may come... of shattered shields when the age of men comes crashing down... but it is not this day! this day we fight! i bid you stand!" and in this battle scene, i have to, for some unknown reason, hold a plank position over this muddy, dirty trench, and pull all of this equipment from one side of the trench to the other. it's a small role to play in this great battle, but it is my role:

i'm being such a nerd right now that i'm almost proud of myself.

after the workout and a shower, we talked nutrition. then i headed into work while downing my smoothie in the car. i did not take a picture because cell phone cameras and driving do not mix. it was green and it was delicious. and just like kj2 told me, it wasn't enough food. by the time i got to work i was hungry again. 

9:15am. i followed kj2's instructions and got some more breakfast: steel cut oats with walnuts, honey and a few cranberries. and a hb egg.

this did the trick.

12:30pm. super delicious lunch. leftover asian-ish-mashup with a slice of ezekiel sprouted grain bread. i was planning to get a bit of quiona or brown rice to go with it, but in the moment i was too hungry, too lazy, and too poor to go to the cafeteria and get any. but i had the bread so i ate the bread.
and i'm not sorry.

i have to stop being afraid of bread. now wait, let's pump the brakes for a second: i do need to fear white bread and pasta because once i start i cannot fucking stop. i could eat an entire loaf of crusty bread from rustica bakery in one sitting and not even blink. but i need to stop fearing the realm of whole and sprouted grains. so far they don't make me feel nearly as bloated and hateful of myself as white bread does. and carbs are not the devil. at least, i don't think they are.
weep, you big fat baby. WEEP.

after lunch i was craving some sweet. typical. i got some hot tea with honey and that worked. i didn't even think about food again until...

3:30pm. starting to rummage for a snack. this is what i came up with:
i can't make desk food look glamorous. i just can't.

6:00pm. tonight was mexican night!
we had mexican chopped chicken, sauteed veggies, black beans, avocado,
tomatoes, green salsa and sprouted grain tortillas.

today was a good day.

ashley "LOTR" rebekah

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