after. day 23.

6:30am. my alarm went off. that's right people, the first thing that woke me up was my alarm, not the children. i am going to count this as their first day "sleeping in".

7:15am. this:
1/2 a frozen banana. pineapple. kale. coconut flakes.
almond milk. sunwarrior vanilla protein powder. ice.

it was delicious. it held me over until snack time at 10:30am:
this time i only ate half. and then i stapled the package shut so i wouldn't eat anymore.

my day at work was relatively busy and frustrating all at the same time. i continued to get the spinning wheel of death and all my programs were freezing and i kept getting this:
i'm no expert, but i don't think a white screen is what it's supposed to look like.

i could go and get help from someone in the tech department, but often that is a fruitless effort and waste of time. i will have to wait until my computer actually dies and i (hopefully) get in the long line for a new laptop, behind all the other peons who need computers as well. for now, i'm cleaning everything off of my desktop and putting in in it's proper network file location so that when my hard drive does eventually take a complete and total shit, i don't lose all my work that shouldn't be on my desktop anyway.

12:30pm. boring and uninspired lunch.
bucket 'o salad. bucket 'o boring.

i plowed through the afternoon with more white screens and spinning wheels of death. finally, when i figured i had wasted enough time staring at a computer that wouldn't work, i decided to leave for the day and go for a run. i was planning to run at the gym, then i realized it was 35 degrees and i would be a moron to not run outside in temps this warm. so that's what i did. i ran outside. i did 3 miles with a couple of walk breaks and asides from some achy joints that are reminding me how old and out of shape i am, it was a blissful run through my neighborhood.

after that, i ate. and it was delicious. i'm gonna call this recipe my sorta-asian-last-minute-mash-up.

recipe: sorta-asian-last-minute-mash-up:
slice 1/2 an onion
mince 4 garlic cloves
mince up some ginger root (about a teaspoon worth)
slice about 1/2 a cup of carrots
roughly chop about a cup of broccoli
grab a handful of snap peas
chop up two chicken breasts
find some coconut oil, some soy sauce or liquid aminos, some sesame oil, and salt and pepper

get a big stir fry pan nice and hot. lube it up with some coconut oil. you want this pan hot. like, medium-high-but-closer-to-high. throw in the chicken. it should sizzle. you should be a little nervous, that's how sizzly you want the pan. sprinkle with salt and pepper. let it cook while you toss it around a bit.

after a few minutes, when the chicken is browned on most sides, throw in the onion, garlic, ginger root and carrots. sprinkle more salt and pepper (and red pepper flake! ooo, that'd be good too!) and toss all around for about a minute. not much longer, you don't want mushy stir fry.

after a minute, throw in the broccoli and the snap peas, and drizzle about a tablespoon of soy sauce/liquid aminos around the whole pan, a few drops of sesame oil, and toss it all around just to steam saute the broccoli. then, to finish it off, you can sprinkle with some sesame seeds.

people, that's all i did. and i straight up ate it. no rice, no noodles. just straight.up.now.tell.me. you could, of course, serve this over a carbohydrate if you want to.
i really wish this picture could accurately portray how delicious this was.
instead, it's another standard shitty picture of my food. you're welcome.

i'm starting to fight a headache, which i think means i need more water. i always get headaches after a run.

until tomorrow,
ashley "this migraine ain't gonna kill itself" rebekah

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